Levothyroxin and food

I was diagnosed with a slightly failing thyroid following a blood test for something else. I have been prescribed Levothyroxin but a low dose of 25mg. The doctors instructions say before breakfast and the printed insert says before food. Neither say how long before food this should be taken. Usually I take it as soon as I wake and then it's at least half an hour before I eat. But some mornings I forget and take it but then eat within 15 mins. Can anyone offer advice? Thank you in advance :-)

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  • half an hour before tea and coffee and an hour before food

  • Or could try taking at bedtime - still at least an hour after food


  • Two hours after food. :)

  • Thank You

  • Hi i have been fighting Hypothyroidism for nearly 40 years.I've found my medication works best if i wait at least an hour before breakfast.Especially if you have milky coffee or tea with your breakfast.And i wait for two hours or more before i have milk in my tea or coffee.My thyroid seems to be working the best i've had it in a long time.That has only happened since i started doing this.

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