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Food sensitivities

Hello, I'm hoping you can help - I'm doing well on T4 and T3, but still crash when I try to exercise or have a stressful period at work/home. I understand this is due to adrenal fatigue that I am working on too.

I know diet and nutrition plays a big part and I am taking several supplements after reading Sara Gottfried hormone cure - which has made a huge difference!!

I'm determined to feel 100% and one area I haven't looked at yet is any good sensitivities that could be contributing/undermining my efforts.

Have you any recommendations for a reliable tester and an idea on costs please?

Many thanks xx

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Use the circadian t3 method to boost the adrenals naturally. This means taking some t3 at 4am. Start with 6.25mcg and see how it works out for a week.


I have never heard of an effective test for intolerances as opposed to allergies. The difference is in which part of the immune system responds. It is normally only allergies that can be tested for with any degree of success.

There are normally two methods to check it out. If you have any suspicions then you can just remove those items from diet and see what happens. The alternative is some form of exclusion diet, the autoimmune protocol is the most commonly mentioned here.

Most common issues with hypo are gluten, followed by dairy and soy, though some can also have problems with the nightshades.



I think this is good advice, although unfermented soy is probably the very biggest one, but hopefully very easy to cut out.


One help for your adrenals may be the adrenal 'cocktail'. Adrenals run on salt and stirring 1/4 - 1/2 tsp of celtic or natural salt (unprocessed) into a glass of water and consuming it once - twice per day can be helpful. Just google 'adrenal cocktail' and you will have quite a number of various 'formulas' come up. Most keep it simple and just chug down the water/salt but others add some lemon juice, salt, water and honey or stevia or some other natural sweetener to make it more like lemonade..lol... depends on what you can tolerate. I would NOT suggest this drink to anyone who is on a strict salt restrictive diet.


ps. Yes, 'crashing' when trying to exercise or when exposed to stressful situations is a sign of adrenal distress or adrenal fatigue. They recommend confining exercise to gentle strolls and trying to avoid stressful situations or stressful folks while working on normalizing adrenal function.



I know when I work out and I crash . I learned that my T4 is low and I'm having T3 run out . Nutrients are very important to add to our thyroid meds but four hours apart from thyroid meds .


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