Anyone see Doctor in the House?

If not I'm sure you can see it again on iPlayer. Doctor goes to help an over-weight tired family who live on junk food. Manages to reverse mum's type 2 diabetes and get whole family to lose weight and fell better by making them eat proper food and move around more. Great. But did anyone else think that mum had a puffy face and no eyebrows, fatigue, weight-gain, low mood and what sounded like low stomach acid, and looked hypo at a distance of 3 miles? Yet he didn't even test her TSH. The rest of the family just looked overweight.

He did give her B12 injections, so I'm wondering how much of her "feeling much better" was due to the B12 (as well as going processed food free).

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  • I did, definitely!

  • I saw all three episodes and feel that the 'thyroid' word was very significant by it's absence. In this last one, it was obvious that the emphasis was on the appalling diet, so one could argue that there was good reason not to suggest any other cause for the excess weight, which might encourage mum not to try as hard. Doesn't mean he didn't test it though. He's no fool ;)

  • I've just watched it. It's really quite amazing isn't it. To reverse type 2 diabetes in that time is terrific. I just couldn't believe what they were eating when I saw ther first meal, it was so unhealthy.

    I agree with RA - the doctor is no fool, so he will have noticed the lack of eyebrows too. I loved that they all became so much more positive in themselves.

  • Yes...I also noticed the lack of eyebrows as well as other symptoms and wasn't surprised about the low B12 and was waiting for the possibility of a TSH test being mentioned.........but the only thing I couldn't account for was if there was any chance that she had a thyroid on earth could she succeed in losing 5stone in weight ?

    ( mentioned at the end of the programme). I've been eating his diet of fresh everything ....meat,fish,eggs,veg,fruit,salad ,nuts and seeds for years and I haven't lost 1 stone yet!!...............If only I could beat that one I'd be a happy bunny.

    I felt so sorry for the guy doing his fitness runs was making me feel sick with worry for him in case he collapsed.

    However,I am full of admiration for that family and what they achieved.......they deserved medals and thought that the doctor was great the way he gave them belief in themselves and helped them............Good Programme!!

  • I thought the same thing although her diet was dreadful. Glad she got b12, I've been symptomatic for years and at bottom of range but not given it. Thanks to this forum I've been supplementing and its made a massive difference. No more brain fog, muscle cramps and numb hands for me :-)

  • I agree that the poor woman was probably hypo and needed specialist treatment. Personally I have a very poor apetite and have to force food onto myself a couple of times a day!

  • The addictive side of certain foods was not explained either, white flour products, sugar all wire the brain to crave, did you also notice the husband smoked which of course is another addiction. Doctors advice was brilliant though and his concerns all valid, this diet does succeed with weight loss even with thyroid conditions if you stick to it implicitly.

  • Well, let's just say that it works if the weight gain is due to the bad diet - not if the weight gain is all down to the hypo. It is possible to have both.

    But I haven't seen this - can't see it here in France - and now I'm so so curious! What did she eat that was so terrible? What did her diet consist of? :)

  • Cereal, bread and burgers as far as we could see, perhaps a Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket and chips. They also had mayonnaise, coke and a few tins of something or other in the cupboard.

    It said at the end that she had lost 5 stone (she was 19 stone something) but during the programme she (only!) went down to 17 stone or so and still looked very hypo.

    Here is a pic of the family:

  • Oh, wow! Yes, she does look very hypo.

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