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T3 only with food or without?


I know NDT and levo must be taken away from food... but my understanding of cytomel and other t3-only drugs is that it doesn't mater if you take them with food or on an empty stomach. Is this true? Any experiences to the contrary? I take my first dose with my morning coffee + almond milk and sometimes my second with a yogurt and or almonds as a snack. I know calcium affects NDT and levo ... didn't think it affected t3 but in reevaluating my habits thought I might ask the board your experience with this. Thank you!

(I'm wondering if my rash comes when I get the full dose, and that otherwise I'm not as medicated as I believe if possibly the food compromises absorption)

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Despite having looked, I have never found any decent research on the interactions between T3 and food, drink, even other medicines.

We know that levothyroxine is very susceptible to the effects of other substances. Without good evidence, it is precautionary to consider the possibility that T3 is just as affected, but there is a lack of evidence.

We-ell... True there's been no research on the subject, but judging by the results we see on here, taking your T3 with food does affect absorption.

I the only experimentation I've done myself, is to try and gauge the effect magnesium has on my T3. And, I discovered that I need to leave six hours between T3 and magnesium. So, if magnesium affects absorption, it more than likely that other things do, too.

I'm on t3 only and I've always taken an hour before I have my cup of tea in the morning and I leave at least 2 hours before I take any other meds ,I take all my vitamins after lunch so that I know they will not interfere with My t3..works for me and its now my routine ☺

You can also take T3 by dissolving it in the mouth and then there is no worry about food interactions or timing. Just slip the dose you are taking under your tongue where the blood supply is very high and the tablet will dissolve rapidly straight into the blood. I have used this method for well over 6 years and it works really well. I am on T3 only and use multi dosing throughout the day to keep things going. My husband can tell if I have missed a dose because I become lethargic and very confused. Once I have taken my dose I become warm and function properly again.


Stourie in reply to heathermr

Hi Heather, I do the same but take all of mine at bedtime with no adverse effects. Mary Shomon now recommends taking t3 this way too.

Jo xx

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