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Change in results again! Any ideas?

Ive been feeling good for a while, but then had a virus yet again 3rd one since Christmas. Saw the Nurse Practitioner requested Bloods again. Blood test show low White Blood Count and I noticed that T4 level has gone from 19 to 16 and TSH has gone from 0.2 to 0.4. Dont seem to feel like I have bounced back from the virus any ideas please? Oh and Ive now got a sore throat!! Totally cheesed off Thanks for reading

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What do your T3 levels look like? Your blood results don't look too bad. All I could suggest would be decrease your dose by half a 25ug tablet or substitute 25ug T4 for 5ug T3


Sounds like your body is struggling to recover from one virus after another. My anesthetist told me that a thyroid patient will take twice, if not three times, the length of time to recover from an illness than a non thyroid patient and it seems that before you have fully recovered from one virus your body isn't able to fend off another.

Have you tried taking vitC?

Have a look at this link which tells you why you could possible have a low white blood count.

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Hi the slightest thing does effect the thyroid, Make sure your FT3 is good ( bloods), T4 not too bad. Also you need the other autoimmune hormonal tests, if not had them, B12 + foliates 9 highish in range), Ferritin/iron well in range, Diabetes, lastly vit D, if low then corrected calcium test before treatment.these should be annually with thyroid disease. I suspect it may be the D effecting the thyroid but it could be any or none!

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We, hypos, often have low vitamin D which provides protection from infections and cancer. You are probably deficient. A test would be good but, if not, it's safe to go ahead and at least get a daily dose of D3 although that won't bring up levels if you ARE deficient. It takes massive doses to do that.


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