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Hello there - i was diagnosed with underactive thyroid in April and started on 50mgc, then had a blood test in June which was still high (tsh 3.8). When i went up to 75 mgc, i got palpitations and felt really bad (the 25's were Goldshield) so the endocrinologist suggested that i go back to 50mgc, as by June my TSH was 1.2. This didn't work and it went back to 3.1, and i felt terrible, even though when diagnosed it was over 14! Since then i have tried to take 50 and half a 25, but again the Goldshield doesnt suit. Then i tried 50 and a quarter of a 50 for a few days, which was OK, but fiddly. Then today i tried 75 (of 50 and a half) but got palpitations again. My plan was to alternate between 50 and 75. Can any one advise about dosage? Had anyone tried liquid? Thanks - i am feeling like i'm really struggling and feel i will never get better. Does anyone have any advice also for the panic feelings? Thanks!

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  • Sorry - that smiley thign is supposed to be a 3.8!

  • I found that mixing brands of levothyroxine doesn't work for me. Have you tried making up your 75 mcg dose by using half of the 50 mcg tabs?

  • Thanks for the reply - yes, i tried that today - i was convinced it would work too! The endocrinology nurse is getting me liquid - have you tried this? Thanks!

  • Oh well it was worth a try. Yes I've also tried the liquid. It didn't help me at all and was a pain to take as you have to measure it out in spoonfuls. I found my hands were often too weak and shaky and I'd end up spilling it!

    Some people find that rather than trying to stick to a consistent daily dose, taking a larger (e.g. double dose) just once or twice a week works better.

  • Thanks - i'll just have to keep on trying different ways! Just seem to have problems with any dose higher than 60mgc!

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