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Thanks for the explanations

Hi again thanks for the replies and explanations yes I do seem to have a lot of the symptoms described perhaps this is why I have felt so rubbish for a long time not just the uat. It was a struggle to get the doc to do more blood tests he only really took any notice when he saw the vitiligo on my hands I have been taking levothyroxine for about 15 years and know how docs can dismiss you as being stessed etc. when you know that you don't feel right. I was at a really low point a while ago and am so glad this website exists there wasn't anything like this when I found out about my uat. Hope fully this will be a turnaround and other docs will start taking notice of what people are saying to them.

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Hi thorn, I'm afraid the docs are not very good with any autoimmune disease. They tend to use drugs which I believe adds to the autoimmunity. Most of it is related to gut problems. Leaky gut causes the immune system to be confused as to what is good and what is bad in the bloodstream. That's why it is better to safeguard the lining of your intestines which tends to break down by particles that aren't really "food" and antibiotics that disrupt the composition of the flora in the gut. It helps to stick with only real, whole food. Perhaps probiotics would help and some stress reduction. That would release some tension that may interfere with the way your digestion works. This hasn't really been brought out even though proved by Herbert Benson and what he call the relaxation response. It is very healing. Sometimes we have to do it ourselves rather than rely on medical personnel.


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