Thank you to everyone who has been given me advice . I thought I should update u all rang my surgery this morning had to speak to doc to authorise blood tests ... It was very funny because he was flabbergasted the fact I said . Don't thinknim converting to t3 ... What how do you know all of this I replied because I've joined a society . Anyway I felt like saying so put that in ur pipe an smoke it lol so all tests being done on Friday including t3 :). The only thing I'm a bit baffled about is I've been taking loads of vits lately . Anyway with all your advice I've finally got results :)

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  • Donnanomore, I'm glad your GP listened and agreed to the tests. Why are you baffled about taking vitamins?

  • Because I've been taking all my vits will that interfere with tests . Also should I fast my tests r 11.40 on Friday . Thank you

  • Donnanomore, vitamin supplementation won't affect thyroid tests. Patients hoping for a dose increase should fast and have thyroid blood draws early in the morning when TSH is highest. Don't take your Levothyroxine before the blood draw.

  • I'm getting vit d b12 folate ferritin iron done free t3 antibodie an ths done

  • Donnanomore, take your supplements after the blood draw too.

  • Thanks clutter very much appreciated

  • Well done you.

  • It's ridiculous the way you have to behave to get anything done on the nhs . But I don't care anymore becoming more of a lunatic everyday :)

  • I for one, join all of you, and yes I am sick sick and double sick of this country, and wish that I could leave, and live on my own island with my kids and the wives partners and grandkids. Grow organic food, just live like a hippy lol. But would it really be organic with the acid rain, we can't totally get away from it, but it's a nice thought. Why should I have to leave my own country really, it should look after us properly, and we should come first, not money, or thinking how the rest of the world will take us, for putting us first, instead of last. The French really don't care.

  • Yes we should all storm the NHS, not literally, but verbally, everything is making us sick, food, pollution, just breathing. Worse in the US mind. The French have it right, or did have, all on the Barricade, or strike. What are they going to do, put us all in prison, not enough room for the bad guys as it is!!

  • In France they'd probably just shoot you.

    lol No, I'm joking. French police aren't trigger happy like they are in the US. But all French police carry guns.

    But, the French have never forgotten the lesson they learnt on the Barricades - make your feelings felt! They Don't chop people's heads off, any more - more's the pity at times! - but they still take to the Streets at the drop of a hat - even I once went on a demonstration in Paris - and 9 times out of 10, they get what they want.

    In the UK, not enough people speak up, and silence is taken as consent. But things are getting better. There are now a lot of people marching and demonstrating about badger culls and fox hunting.

    But the problem we hypos have is that we just Don't have the energy for all that! I couldn't march through the Streets of Paris now, like I did 18 years ago. And those that are the sickest, who have the most need to make themselves heard, are least likely to be able to do it And that, I believe, is what they're counting on!

  • I find it annoying that people will come out on animal-related demos, and they get reported on in the media. But when people were demonstrating about the changes to the NHS (the HSCIC changes that took effect in 2013), the BBC didn't even bother to report them.

  • Well, that could be deliberate Policy, couldnt it. Instructions from their masters!

  • Oh yes, I'm sure you're right. There was a time when I believed that the BBC was a trusted and impartial reporter of news. :-P But that hasn't been true for years now. These days they roll over and play dead whenever the government tells them too.

  • I love your reply to the good doctor ..."because I've joined a society"!

  • Well guys I'm from Belfast ... Plenty of street protests in this neck of the woods such a shame it isn't for something worth while But then the majority think like me but the media only seem to acknowledge the small minded minority in this place . Anyhow flower 007 yea it was funny I could hear the surprise in his voice ... Ie. do u really know something she must have a brain this patient :) ha ha . Omg I'm soooo tired today could lack of vits or to much t4 really do this because my tsh seems ok

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