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Advice please regarding testing

I am thinking of taking a 24hr Saliva/adrenal test. However I am taking Nutri Adrenal should I stop this and how long a period should I leave before taking test. Also thinking of doing the T3 blood test. I am taking Cytomel for Hashimoto's. Should I take my tablets or wait till after the test. I was doing really well but have strated to have the shakes and thumping high pulse. only taking 40mcg Cytomel per day. Didn't take any yesterday and made no difference to pulse my temperature dropped to 35.7 - it had been reaching 36.6

I take B vits D3 selenium Vit C. Thanks

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I have been trying very hard to find some information about this, but to be honest I have found nothing. My best suggestion is that you talk to the lab you are planning to use, and explain to them exactly what medications you are using, and then follow their advice.

Do you have a particular lab in mind?


Thank you for coming back to me. My Dr said he would try (tomorrow) to get the hospital lab to do the test as I am taking the T3 meds. However he did say that he had already had a T3 test refused for another patient. I am booked in at the Dr's for a blood test to check on my Cholesterol which had been raised slightly in the past plus other tests which he didn't tell me what they were for but, I told him about my high pulse rate and he said there could be reasons beside T3 meds. He has also arranged for ECG.. Dr said to take my meds but I am worried that he might get cold feet about prescribing Cytomel if the resuts are too high for his liking. From what I have understood from this sight Drs like to keep thyroid medications on the low side. My life has been so much improved since taking Cytomel.

I have ordered the Adrenal kit from Genova but, unable to use at present due to time restraints on having the test collected - Dentist, looking after my Mom then going oin holiday in the caravan - I will get there in the end

Thanks again


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