Adrenal testing and advice

Hello, just looking for some advice, if anyone can help me.

I've done a Genova test for adrenal test and was wondering how long it takes for results to come back? I've emailed Thyroid Uk so they will email me my results when they are in, I was just wondering how long they normally take. I sent the test back on Monday which arrived at Genova on Tuesday morning, I have a first appointment with an NHS endo next Tuesday afternoon and I was hoping to take the results with me.

I was also wondered if anyone could help me by telling me what the course of action is if there is a problem, can you take medication for the adrenals? Or is it best to change to a different type of thyroid medication that benefits them? I am currently on 75mcg of Levo and 1 25mcg of T3, and to be honest still feel awful, worse than I ever had, so I am at a lost with what to do next.

Please help and thank you so much for anyone who can.

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  • I am awaiting my results too, but they state now that it takes 16 days to get results out.

  • Thank you :)

  • I had mine done about a month ago. Got results back in 7 days. Mine was very high cortisol so am going to start taking holy basil.

  • Thank you, where do you get that from? :)

  • I am going to look on Amazon or in my local health food shop. I think another herb called ashawaganada is used too, but don't quote me on that! I'm learning myself. :-)

  • Sorry, thought you had already got some! lol, thank you for getting back to me, I will now have a nosey :)

  • be careful of the ashwaganda, it doesn't suit everyone

  • A lot of people use Swanson, you can buy it on Ebay or Amazon. They also use phosphatidylserine. I bought some from Amazon Swanson Ultra Sunflower Soy free 100mg but haven't tried it yet

  • Hi Bellerin,

    I got my results back in 7 days. The course of action, if your adrenals need it, will depend on your test results but should not mean changing to a different type of thyroid med. If you post your Genova cortisol graph here it may be possible to advise further,


  • Thank you :)

  • Bellerin just wondering if you got your tests back in 7 days like these lucky people did? Mine have now been with Genova for 10 days and no word, so looks like mine might take the 16 days as stated. Just curious, good luck!!

  • Hey Rebel, nope still haven't received mine! I am checking my emails all the time, but still nothing! Hopefully, it should be in the next few days, and then I will pop my results on here when I get them. good luck as well :)

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