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Blood test results any help appreciated

Serum tsh level 0.02mlU/L (0.3-5.5)

free t4 10.2 (9-25

ferritin serum 69ug/L (20-200)

free t3 serum 4.7pmol/L (3.5-6.5)

I am taking 2 grains of thyroid s and no iron at present. I still feel quite tired and am quite overweight.


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Hi bobbyb, you TSH is low as you would expect when on any thyroid meds which have T3, so no worries there. your T4 looks quite low in the range. and so does the T3 so I wonder if you have been told to increase your dose?

You say you are quite tired, your ferritin is a bit on the low side I think(but to be honest I am not certain, perhaps someone else can confirm this), that it would be better just a bit higher, up to about 90. Since ferritin is the 'storage' form of iron, an actual iron level would be quite useful, because low iron would make you feel tired, and might stop you converting some of the T4 to extra T3.

It might be worth while going back to the doctor who prescribed the NDT to see what they say about your T4 level. With an adequate dosage of a thyroid preparation which includes T3, you would be more likely to lose weight than on T4 alone, that suggests therefore that you might need more.

Marie XXX


Hi This is a low dose with these results, However, the TSH is quite low and a lot of doctors are not willing to increase NDT if TSH is low. Did you start on T4 ( Levo)and T3? This is more controllable , so less likely , but possibly to decrease the TSH, it is more the T3 that does that. Quite possible that your T4 if the correct dose , might put up the FT3 so you either do not need any ,or need less. I am not surprised you feel ill! High FT3 does often help weight loss, however, you may naturally convert the T4 to T3 if on the right dose for T4.Your Ferritin is fine but what about the other tests? Autoimmune and hormonal , so effect thyroid, vit D, if low corrected calcium before treatment with D, endo or if not GP, re test 3 months, Diabetes and B12 + foliates ( needs to be quite high in range), all tested annually .with thyroid disease.As a rule of thumb, we ,ostly need T4 in the top third of range and FT3 near the top. So if T4 goes very high and FT3 low, then you need both.but less T4.

Best wishes,


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Room there for an increase in meds, just watch that the free t3 doesnT go over range.... Specially with the low tsh.



How big a gap did you leave before your last dose of NDT and the test? I agree that there is definitely room for an increase. I am on 2.75 grains of NDT and feel well when my fT4 is just below mid range and fT3 near to the top of the range - leaving a gap of at least 24 hours before last dose and blood tests :) xx


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