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Thyroid function results - do I need to worry

Could any one tell me if these levels are ok please? I recently had my throxine increased from 100 to 125, this was at my request as I felt lousy. When I was on 100mcgs my tsh was 4.29, T4 16 and my T3 3.5. After 4 weeks on 125mcgs my levels are TSH 0.24, T3 4.5 and T4 22.9. My Doctor is phoning this afternoon as he is concerned about the free T4 reading at 22.9. I would be grateful for some info before gp calls, he told me the other day that I had Graves although my original diagnosis was Hashimota. Thanks

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Difficult to say anything without the ranges. Is the upper limit for the FT4 22.9? That might make him concerned. However, if you take the T4 and the T3 together, you will probably find that you are not converting correctly (T3 is low in the range?) and that is why your T4 is high. In which case, the intelligent thing to do would be to reduce your thyroxine a little and add in some T3. However, difficult to say anything for certain without the ranges.

But it does sound as if your doctor hasn't quite got a grasp on things thyroid if he can't tell the difference between Graves and Hashimoto's! With these results there's no way you have Graves because you are still hypo. (Although, I'm only guessing because there are no ranges...)

Hugs, Grey


Hi Depends if the T3 is Free T3 ( the other total one, no use, my Endo says). If they are right, then I would say T4 too high ,so not converting properly in the body, fairly common and you need possibly less T4 ( levo) but definitely some T3 with it. Free T3 should be near the top of range.Reverse T3 test would also be useful

If you do not feel right , this is the key.Blood results useless with out ranges, ask for them, vary at different Labs.

Also make sure you have had the other 4 autoimmune, hormonal tests ( see TUK ) , annually too.

I hope that helps,


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