Thyroid function results?

Hi I have had my thyroid surpressed for 2 years as my consultant thought it may shrink my goitre. It didnt, so my new consultant has taken me off them. I have been feeling really awful and wonder if its something to do with my levels. Although I reduced the medication slowly she said I could still have symptoms

I dont know how to translate the results, but her secretary said "no wonder you feel unwell"

they are

Free T3 3.0 pmol/L 3.5-6.5

Free T4 8.4 pmol/L 11-23

TSH 3.17 mu/L 0.35 - 4.5

What do these results mean?

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  • They mean you're hypo, and your stupid endo should not have taken you off the levo!

    TSH should be around one. FT3 at least mid-range - yours is below range! So, no wonder you feel ill! FT4 is even further below range. So, she should put you back on the levo immediately.

  • thanks so much for replying, is my thyroid likely to kick back in? I will speak to consultant tomorrow. I have been feeling like a right moaner all week, but felt like Ive had a hangover, nausea, thick head, just generally feeling awful. At least I know there is a reason.

  • As a general rule, thyroids do not just 'kick back in again'. Which is a lesson an awful lot of doctors ought to learn!

  • Sorry I sound completely naive I guess because they put me on it when I didn't need it (to suppress my goitre) I believed them when they told me I could come off it - slowly, which is what I did.

  • Dont apologise. We should be able to trust the professionals to treat us and make us better, sadly, we cant always.

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