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Thyroid function results?

Hi I have had my thyroid surpressed for 2 years as my consultant thought it may shrink my goitre. It didnt, so my new consultant has taken me off them. I have been feeling really awful and wonder if its something to do with my levels. Although I reduced the medication slowly she said I could still have symptoms

I dont know how to translate the results, but her secretary said "no wonder you feel unwell"

they are

Free T3 3.0 pmol/L 3.5-6.5

Free T4 8.4 pmol/L 11-23

TSH 3.17 mu/L 0.35 - 4.5

What do these results mean?

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They mean you're hypo, and your stupid endo should not have taken you off the levo!

TSH should be around one. FT3 at least mid-range - yours is below range! So, no wonder you feel ill! FT4 is even further below range. So, she should put you back on the levo immediately.


thanks so much for replying, is my thyroid likely to kick back in? I will speak to consultant tomorrow. I have been feeling like a right moaner all week, but felt like Ive had a hangover, nausea, thick head, just generally feeling awful. At least I know there is a reason.


As a general rule, thyroids do not just 'kick back in again'. Which is a lesson an awful lot of doctors ought to learn!


Sorry I sound completely naive I guess because they put me on it when I didn't need it (to suppress my goitre) I believed them when they told me I could come off it - slowly, which is what I did.


Dont apologise. We should be able to trust the professionals to treat us and make us better, sadly, we cant always.


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