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test results help please!

Hi, My most recent tests for vitb12 and bone profile are below ,can anyone tell me if they are ok, some of them, havent a clue what they are as fancy names! so if anyone can discipher would be great! so i can rule them out of current prob with feeling bad.Thanks.

b12 612 ( 180-800)

cortisol 585 not sure level

serum alkaline phosophate 79 (35-105)

serium calccium 2.50 (2.20- 2.60)

corrected serum calcium level 2.42 (2-20-2.60)

( whats dif between normal and corrected serium calcium levels?)

serum inorganic phosphate 0.97 (0.80- 1.40)

serum total protein 69 (60-80)

serum albumin 48 (35-50)

serum globulin 21 (20-37)



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Hi B12 looks Ok to me.Cortisol, you really ned the specific test, which my Endo says is the only good one. though a doc because you need a script, 24 hour urine collection, cortisone tablet at midnight and blood test at 9am. It is the only test she will use. However, if is usually thought best to get the thyroid right first, often then the adrenal`s will be OK. You need tSH, T4 and Free T3 + ranges, for this. at least.

The calcium test that matters is always the corrected calcium,must be in range. If Lab do one only it is this too.If your vit D ( hormonal) is low it would be safe to take some , but retest the calcium in 3 months ( and the D) as D makes the calcium go up a little.

The other tests are fine. if still not well, concentrate on thyroid tests + treatment and Vit D, diabetes and iron/ferritin ( not too low in range). These are all with B12 and D hormonal and some autoimmune. inter related with the thyroid.

Best wishes,


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Hi Jackie,

Thanks for yoour reply about my results, my last Thyroid results were

TSH 0.03 ( 0.4-4)

FT4 21 (12-22)

and it said on print out that Ft4 was abnormal, however as you can see it is within range. the TSH but has been suppressed for year or so and no action ever taken.

I have Hashis, which is autoimmune Thyroid prob, and have seen in some blogs that is a good idea to get it checked again , but my drs say they dont generaly check again after intial test. I have symptoms of puffy face and neck, difficulty getting asleep and staying asllep. really weak muscles in that if i bend down i need help getting up. fatigue, spots,really dry eyes and throat, constipation, and when i get up first thing in morning they back of my heels click which im sure ive heard that your achilies heel reflexes are effectd with thyroid probs. Do you know if this symptoms could be linked to a autoimmune problem?

Thanks for your help.



also thyroid is pulsating most of the time which im thinking is a sign its struggling.


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