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Hi all …. I don't know if this type of question is allowed .. I have seen 3 different consultants in Rotherham and Sheffield and have had 3 different views on what to do about my thyroid. I have a multi nodular goitre which is pressing against my windpipe … one doc said to come back when I can't get up the stairs … one said as it's pressing against my windpipe I should have it removed and one said its up to me ….. anyway I am finding my breathing is getting worse … so my question is can anyone recommend a good thyroid consultant in Barnsley, Leeds or Nottingham I can then ask my doc to refer me … Thanks .. Suzanne

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i can't help with referrals but i had a large nodule compressing my windpipe and gullet making breathing and swallowing very difficult. i had hemithyroidectomy and could breath and swallow unhindered afterwards. if thyroxine isn't reducing your goiter what point is there in waiting until you can't breath enough to climb the stairs?

Yesterday I had dental treatment for the first time since the hemi. It was so much easier to cope and I didn't experience the gulping and gagging I'd alway assumed was nerves.

I have never had any meds for my thyroid as the tests have always come back in range …..

Ok, I assumed goiter's were treated to reduce them. I'd still get rid of the lump. No fun not being able to breath properly. If only one side is removed the remainder of the thyroid should pick up the slack although some thyroxine may be needed to support in the future. I needed less pain relief than was available in hospital overnight and very little of the generous painkillers given to go home with. Scar is tiny and almost invisible.

I am seeing my doc early June and when I see a thyroid consultant I will be asking for the goitre to be removed …. it's such an uncomfortable feeling… I can also feel my food going down slowly on the right hand side .. I know that sounds odd but it's what I feel ...

No, it makes sense, Goiter is pressing on your gullet so the food has to move around it. You'll be surprised how liberating it is not to struggle to breath and swallow. Hopefully, they'll only take half the gland so you may not need thyroxine then.

Yes I hope they just take half …. oh it would be wonderful to swallow and breathe properly … here's hoping :)

If anyone knows of a doctor they will send you a private message as we don't state names on the forum.

I don't know if has a name of someone on her list but you can email her to enquire.

Personally, if your breathing is being affected I think you should have treatment.

Thanks….. yes I am going to the docs to see what can be done about it

I'm about to PM you

Just replied

Hi there, I am in the same area and appreciate your problem! I am going to see someone in Doncaster next month so will try to remember to tell you how I get on. If you don't hear from me then PM me after the 20th June. Waveylines and I also host a Thyroid Support Group in Sheffield. We haven't yet posted the next meeting on here so watch this space. Its a chat in a hotel coffee lounge and we feel its good to meet with fellow sufferers as it can be quite isolating. So good to exchange views and ideas.

Thanks… I hope your appt goes well….. I'd love to attend the meetings …. pls keep me posted :-)

Will try to remember but once we tell Louise she pins it for us on here-can't blame my memory on my thyroid,always been rubbish!

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