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views on friends blood results please

I am asking on behalf of a friend what are your views of her thyroid results? she has severe depression, debilitating exhaustion, sleep problems ,lower back pain and joint pain, gaining weight despite low appetite and comfort eating because of low mood.

TSH 3.81,

T4 12.8

RBC 5.25 range ( 3.90-5.10)

haematocrit 0.46 range ( 0.36- 0.46)

b12 279 Range (172-1162)

serum calcium 2.19 Range ( 2.20-2.60)

alt-sgpt serum level 27 range ( 5-29)

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If you have them, could you post the reference levels for the TSH and T4 please.


As Jan4363 says, we really need reference ranges for TSH and T4 as these ranges can vary from lab to lab. The T4 can vary quite wildly.

Without the reference ranges, it does look like the TSH is a little high, but still within range. If your friend is not already diagnosed with hypothyroidism she probably won't get a diagnosis with this TSH level though. It will need to be above 5 for at least 2 consecutive blood tests or above 10 in one instance. She could opt to see a private endocrinologist.

One thing she could do is to ask for a repeat test in 3-6 months. She should get this test as early in the morning as possible as this is when TSH is highest. TSH needs to be above range and T4 below range for an NHS diagnosis of hypothyroidism.

Looking at her B12, it is within range but too low. It really needs to be above 400-500 for optimum health. I would suggest she looks into a supplement of 5000mcg of methylcobalamin, the most easily used form of B12. Low B12 can cause all of the symptoms you mention and more.

Her RBC and haematocrit seem a little on the high side and her calcium on the lower side. I'm not sure what would be causing this. The high RBC and haematocrit do need to be looked into really but perhaps this is something that might resolve once B12 is raised (I don't know if this will be the case as I am not medically trained - I will have to look into this).

As her calcium is outside the normal range it might be worth looking had getting her parathyroids tested.

You don't say if she is taking any medication or supplements. This information would be useful as supplements may be having an effect on her results.

Other results that may be helpful are serum iron, ferritin (stored iron) and vitamin D.

I hope this has given a few ideas to look into.

Carolyn x


I forgot to mention that, once her B12 levels are higher, her TSH might also raise. Lower levels of B12 can result in lower TSH levels than are representative of her thyroid hormone levels. I'm not saying that this will happen, but it might. If her TSH is further raised at the next test, she may be able to get treatment, especially if a continuing upward trend can be shown.


And the high rbc and hematocrit could be caused by dehydration, especially as they are only slightly high. Still worth keeping an eye on though.


thanks very much for your helpful reply.

tsh range was 0.30-5.00

t4 range range was 11-23

kind regards,

gimi -energy


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