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I hope this isn't sounding alarmist but, I have just put the phone down to a friend (that I had forgotten about) who is a pharmacist in Boots Chemist. I asked her about the unavailability and could she try and Special some for me. It seems that now even the Specials are not available (if that makes sense). In other words, there is NO Liothyronine any which way via Boots.

Does anybody know of any other source, apart from internet and paying for it please?

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Look on other Blog posts. T3 is available.


I have been keeping up with the blog posts, at least I thought I had.........I know T3 is available on line in you want to pay for it, but didn't think there was any to be had on an NHS prescription.

Can you tell me which blog to look at please Issy?


There are a few, just trawl through them



There was a post here last year which mentioned Pharmarama (sorry not sure where the post is now); I emailed Pharmarama at the beginning of May and was told told that they have T3 in 5mg strength (packs of 100). I was told all you need to do is take your NHS prescription to the chemist and ask them to contact Pharmarama. I can't do that as I have to get my prescriptions through my endo (I'll find out on Thursday if I can get more T3). Anyway, if you google pharmarama you should easily find their website and a section to contact them. All the best.


Will do.

Thank you meromano


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