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I have been on T3 for about 2yrs prescribed by Endo. I was initially on 10mcg, and would get it from Boots in tabs of 5mcg. They would have to order it in, but without any problems. Then, Endo increased to 20mcg at my request so was on this dose. No problems ordering it as UK liothyronine comes in 20mcg tabs. I then increased my dosage by ordering my own which came in 25mcg tabs. On most recent appointment with Endo, thyroxine increased to 200mcg and T3 reduced to 10mcg.

Anyway, as I live 3 hours away from the hosp (though they only prescribe the 20smcg tabs), I had to give GP prescription to then prescribe it to me. Well, based on the cost of the T3 5mcg tabs which I mentioned, GP not happy to give me them so has prescribed me 20s that I have to cut in half. Am not happy with this as I never get an even dose each day, depends on how the cut goes. I am told the chemist can cut them - though, not happy with this either as the same pill cutter is used on all medication they cut, and even though they say they clean it you can never be sure that cross contamination of other meds is not happening.

I know that lots of people are having this problem also. Is anyone able to get the 5mcg tabs prescribed? Alternatively, I can just take 20mcg a day and when they run out as only am given 14 days supply, I could just take the 25mcg tabs until next endo appointment.


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I have this exact problem also, they don't cut evenly so one day I get more than the next, I have been topping up with the 25s I bought, these cut much better lol :)

Pinkgirl, I don't understand why you are having trouble halving Liothyronine 20mcg with a pill cutter. If you line up the tablet with the score line under the blade it should cut evenly. I prefer to cut mine daily rather than having the pharmacy cut them all as I imagine air and moisture will be absorbed into the cut tablets and I don't know whether or not this would affect potency.

If you are supplementing the prescribed Liothyronine with additional T3 why not take the Liothyronine whole?

I don't know how true this is but I read a while back on the forum that a months supply of Paddock's 5mg T3 was £700 compared to around £120 for 28 x 20mcg Liothyronine.

I think it might have been me! The source data is available here:


The Gp said that she checked with a different chemist (not Boots) and said that they told her that if they cut them the T3 would not go off ect. Though, am just taking the T3 at dose 20mcg until I run out then will just take the 25mcg ones I have until I see endo. I started to feel more human on the 25s, and also did when I was on 10s. It could be down the the brand. I don't have a pill cutter, but was contemplating using a sharp knife. Doc said that the 5mcg ones were 150 per month more than the Uk liothyronine

Pinkgirl, most pharmacies stock pillcutters for around £2.99. It's much easier than using a knife. I'm using Pillmate.

As far as I know the UK liothyronine only comes in 20mcg from Mercury Pharma at an astronomical price. It's shot up, as far as I know, from around £30 to over £120 for 28 tablets. If you got 5mcg T3 prescribed for you I think they would have been Cytomel (T3) or Paddock which is only from the USA. When we had a shortage of 20mcg of T3 last year for a period my GP wouldn't prescribe cytomel as it's not on the prescribing list and he was reluctant to do it on a 'named patient basis'.

Your GP would have to write Cytomel liothyronine either in 25mcg or 5mcg. I believe it's much cheaper but many are reluctant to do a 'named patient' basis. See link below and non UK synthetic liothyronine.


I am on Paddock 5mcg Liothyronine.

Boots have to order them, but delivery only takes a couple of days.

I tried the MP 20mcg tablets and a cutter and found the MP tablets to be significantly less effective for an equivalent dose.

I take 10mcg daily and add 5mcg when I do cardiac rehab (1 hour managed exercise sessions), otherwise I am wiped-out the following day.

It's worth looking at alternative pill cutters.

The one that I bought from Boots was useless, but the one that they gave me to cut Levothyroxine tables is brilliant, because is is better to align the pill before cutting.

Try cutting the tablet on flat glass. Use a very sharp small thin bladed knife and hold the knife with two hands so the part of the blade that is cutting the tablet is the middle area of the length of the blade. If you apply pressure straight down on the score line, most of the time you'll get a clean cut.

Two thumbnails work as well if your nails are long enough and hard enough.

Lol, I will need to grow my nails, they keep splitting and breaking off

I get the 5mg tablets prescribed.

I am currently taking 25mcg of T3 that I order myself. The 10mcg made me feel worse as was on 20mcg before that and upped it to 25mcg, which does make a difference. On the 25mcg ones my bloods are in range, so will speak to endo at next appointment about this and see if they can prescribe me 25mcg tabs. My GP may not be happy with that due to the cost to the NHS, but I am on benefits and struggling to get by, but as the UK liothyronine only makes 20mcg surely they cannot expect me to cut it into quarters to take 1 and a quarter tabs. It's good that you get them prescribed:-)

PinkGirl, It might be better to quarter a 20mcg Liothyronine tablet to get 25mcg than risk a resounding no when your GP sees the price of 5mcg imported T3.

Ok, its better to do that then. I will try and get them to prescribe me 25 UK liothyronine. I need an appointment with Endo as he needs to authorise it, my GP (who is really good) will go with what Endo prescribes so if he will do that, that will solve it. I just had two lots of bloods done for my thryoid, one a week before I went into hosp and the other ones due to being in hosp for a few weeks (and was given prescribed dose of 200mcg T4 and 10mcg of T3 and felt a lot worse). So, I know that my thyroid was not the cause of the events which led me to hospital, and with taking 125mcg thyroxine with 25mcg of T3, I feel much better than being on the 10mcg of T3, which means that I sleep on and off all day. Only came out of hosp on Thursday, though had home leave on the Monday and in the space of a week I notice a big difference on 25mcg so if I can get that prescribed it will be a massive help to me.:-)x

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