Get your T3 here!

A little bit of good news (hopefully) for those struggling to get T3. I have been chasing away and a very lovely man at the Boots Customer Care line has been fantastic. He assures me that they can get T3 for me and anyone else that wants it. So .....

Put in your prescription with Boots, if they tell you they cannot get it, tell them that their own internal specials outsourcing department can (Alliance Healthcare). All the pharmacy has to do is talk directly to that department within their company He has been assured that they can readily get the medication and there is not a problem. He has liaised directly with my pharmacy and hopefully within a couple of days I should have my T3. I told him I would be putting this on the web for others and he says it is not a problem.

I shall update when I get my medication but I feel very positive that I will.

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  • Thank you Poppy, that's really helpful info. XXX

  • Just had a call from my pharmacist, they have ordered it and it is in stock and will be with me in 3 days as it goes by a different courier. The lady was surprised as the Boots care line told her what to do, where to call and she couldn't believe it was that simple.

  • BRILL! i hope by now you have your meds! X

  • They tell me Tuesday afternoon. We shall see.

  • Thank you Poppy for being so helpful. xxx

  • I had no problem getting mine from Boots. They initially told me it might be 3 weeks to get some then when I went in two days later to pick up the other part of my prescription (for an infection) they already had all the T3 in. They must have used this care line.

  • Is the Amdipharm Mercury Liothyronine? Or a "foreign" make?


  • Boots told me that it would be a foreign make.

  • Thanks - that is what I assumed but wanted it to be crystal clear.

  • They got mine for me too, but it doesn't say who it's by. I got a month's supply of 10mcg capsules in a bottle.

  • Thanks, Boots said t3 should be ready by end of next week.

  • Excellent. Let's hope we can all avoid going downhill because of the stupidity of one company.

  • I didn't have any luck with boots:-( but phoned around other chemists and asda had some:-) so I'm good for another month. Lets see what happens in June! Fingers crossed.

  • When you put your prescription in if they say they haven't got any you need to tell them that they need to call their internals specialist outsourcing department to get it. My Boots said they didn't have any and kept going to their standard supplier but once the guy on the care line told them it was this department they could get it. Don't accept when Boots say no, tell them where they can get it.

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