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Really confused now!!


I had my 24 hour urine test result back from Genova diagnostics for Thyroid Hormones and iodine.

my total urine volume for 24 hrs was 1375ml

Triiodothyronine (T3) 646 - pmol/24h - normal range 592 - 1850

Thyroxinie (T4) 155 -pmol/24h - normal range 347 - 1994

T3:T4 ratio 4.2 normal range 0.50- 2.00

Iodine (urine) 71 - normal range 100 -199

So I went to my GP who was helpful but asked why did I have a private test.

I told her that I din't think the NHS went far enough with the result. so she sent me for a blood test anyway to test my TSH, Iron, Kidney and liver. (I went first thing in the morning and I had no breakfast), Not sure what they are looking for in Kidney and liver.

Any way the results came back and she phoned me with the conclusions.

my TSH was 1.56

my T4 was 11.5 ??? see urine results were 155 (what range is 11.5)

my Iron and kidney were fine but my Liver was raised. (not sure what that means) she said not to worry but will look at it again later. She is just as confused as me and will be speaking to an Endocrinologist about me today. So fingers crossed I get a clearer picture of even get to see one.I also suffer fro psoriasis and lichen sclerosis both autoimmune diseases.

I would love for someone to shed some light on why my results would differ within a short space from one test to another.

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The results are not comparable as one is a urine test and the other a blood test. You need to compare your recent blood tests with your last blood test hope this helps

my last blood test Aug 2011 result was TSH 1.7 but free T4 was 11 just low of the Genova Diagnotics range but within the NHS range.

tests are not conclusive.. how do you feel? list your symptoms and take your temperature evey morning as soon as you wake before you even get out of bed for 10 days. take that list of temperatures back to your doctor.. If it's normal you are not thryoidy.. if it's low you're hypo if it's high you either have a fever or you're hyper... blood tests can show "normal" and patient can still feel totally rubbish.. temperature is a better indicator. you have two other auto-immune conditions I would think it prudent that your GP requests a test for thyroid anti-bodies - Anti TPO. It is after all the most common form of thyroid illness on the planet.

Good Luck.....

I'm no expert but regarding your T3 and T4. They are both at the low end especially your T4 being below range, you don't have the ranges for the second one which would be easier to figure. It looks as if you are converting from T4 to T3 okay, I don't know about the ratio you put there. Usually the ratio between your FreeT3 and ReverseT3 gives a better indication and the result should be 20.

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