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Thoughts on my test results

I have had brain fog and tiredness and return of dry skin and feeling the cold (have many more layers than other members of my family) for a while so got my bloods done. Despite asking for 'the 5' they were not all done and was then told I was lucky they did B12 and Folate the lab shouldn't have. For the first time in 4 years T3 was done.

Serum vit B12 272ng/L (197-866)

Serum Ferritin 52 ug/L no range given

Serum folate 13.3ng.mL (3.1-20.5)

TSH 0.08 mu/L (0.27-4.2)

fT4 21.9 pmol/L (11-22)

fT3 5.1 pmol/L (3.9-6.8)

Glucose 3.9 mmol/L (3.5-11)

My T4 when done (lab doesn't do it if TSH is in normal range) has always been between 20.7 and 22.9 irrespective of my TSH (apart from when I was pregnant so obviously a different situation). For example it was 20.7 when my TSH was 6.21, but it was also 20.7 when my TSH was 0.9.

When I phoned for results I was told to stay on same does levo (125 micrograms) and recheck in 1 year (I did not have a copy of the values then - I have to fight hard to get them despite it being my right) I then saw GP (not my own due to major mess up at my surgery) to discuss another problem and was told to drop my dose by 25 micorgrams every other day. It was agreed that I could stay on this dose (which I have been on for a year) and reck in 6 weeks.

I also felt the glucose was quite low considering I had had a decent breakfast just over 1 hour before the blood test - which was a 9.30am. I take levo at night and had taken it the night before my blood test which is what I normally do.

I don't have much faith in my surgery - I had to provide a whole load of evidence (thanks to this site) to get dose increased when I was pregnant - they were going to do first check at 12 weeks, and I only got diagnosed in the first place due to hearing a radio program saying if you have a family history of autoimmune problems (I have that on both sides) and are trying to get pregnant in Europe they automatically check. TSH was 78! - I had given up going to GP's and being told tiredness etc was because I had 2 young children! Good job I take responsibility for my own health!

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Never allow them to lower your dose on the basis of a low TSH. As you've proved yourself, TSH is not a reliable test, it does not accurately reflect thyroid status.

Your FT4 is nice, but your FT3 is too low. It would appear you have a little convertion problem there, and would probably benefit from a little T3 added to your levo.

Hugs, Grey


Your glucose test should always be done FASTING. The blood test sheet should've informed this.


Your B12 looks too low to me, the symptoms you mention can be attributable to this as well as thyroid. Do you have a lab result for Mean Cell Volume (MCV) anywhere? Might be worth considering getting the active-B12 test done.


I felt B12 is too low but all I get is 'no further action required' (which really annoys me - a better phase would be bloods within normal limits but that's another point!) and in this case I got "the lab shouldn't have done that test"!

MCV was 96 fL (80-100)

I did have a full blood count done but didn't post everything for time reasons.


Hi Beth41,

An MCV at the top of the range (as yours is) supports the idea that you are likely to be suffering from a B12 deficiency. Your folate level is pretty good.

You could probably argue the point with your GP (low serum B12 + high MCV + symptoms = B12 deficiency) but I'm sensing from your comments that this might fall on deaf ears. If you wanted to give it a go, you could ask them to read the Treatment Protocol from the website, link below:

Or you could go down the route of Active B12 testing, which might be less tiring than trying to educate yet another clueless GP:

If you decide to have the test make sure you don't take any supplements with B12 in them until afterwards. In my opinion it's better to get properly diagnosed, have the B12 deficiency marked on your medical notes, and receive the B12 injections (loading dose followed by whatever you need regarding maintenance jabs).

I have B12 deficiency which was diagnosed by the MMA test (arranged by my private Endo, paid for by my insurance). I didn't have the Active B12 test first, but from what I've read if you fall in the grey area for Active B12 they then do the MMA test).

My serum B12 at the time was around 300. I also have Graves Disease rather than Hashi's. Even after I was diagnosed, MMA test result in hand, I had to argue with my GP to get the loading dose, he just wanted to put me straight on 1 jab every 3 months because "your last serum B12 test was OK". It's like pulling teeth, it really is. Needless to say I insisted...I had my 10 year old daughter with me so he couldn't really argue in front of her!!!

Let me know how you get on, it's definitely worth pursuing as it made a HUGE difference to my symptoms.



Thanks for this. I am having thyroid tested in 6 weeks and hopefully will see my own GP this time, so will try and get as much info as I can to try and persuade them to treat me. Its not that I am really struggling, but I am just not right and fall asleep every time I sit down!

I agree with you about trying to get a diagnosis first. This other GP I saw just said take vit D tablets if you think you are low, but I feel it would be nice to know what the diagnosis was first rather than just randomly take lots of vitamins and see if it works - I guess it all comes down to money.

I will let you know how I get on


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