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Can someone please interpret my blood tests?

I had the right lobe of my Thyroid removed on the 28th February for suspected papillary cancer. The pathology findings established that I had follicular variant papillary cancer of the Thyroid. My endo surgeon thought that the left side of my Thyroid would take up the slack and produce enough Thyroid hormones but it isn't. My results are:

TSH 6.0 (Range 0.27 - 4.2 mIU/L)

FT4 11.8 (Range 12.0 - 22.0 pmol/L)

FT3 3.8 (Range 3.1 - 6.8 pmol/L)

I was displaying all the symptoms of Hypothyroidism when I saw him 5 weeks ago and he actually said that I was hypothyroid. He started me on 75mcg of Levothyroxine but it has not made a difference to my hypo symptoms. I emailed the endo nurses Monday just gone explaining that I didn't have another appointment until 18.6.13 and I was concerned because I wasn't getting better and that I thought my TSH needs to be suppressed to stop the cancer returning. The nurse organised an appointment for the next day, yesterday, and basically my endo surgeon said the cancer was benign, I should not be hypo and that I shouldn't even need the Levothyroxine. I had further bloods taken and he is going to get the nurse to phone the results to me in a couple of days time.

However, he pood pood the fact that I'm hypothyroid and that he cannot treat the symptoms but has to go by blood tests and that I have to wait and see. The left lobe might start working and I have to give it time.

As you can image I broke down and cried saying I couldn't cope and that I wasn't ill when the cancer was inside me and that I wished I'd never had it taken out. Fortunately, he started to listen and asked me various other questions and took my pulse. My husband spoke for me too. My endo surgeon then decided that it was best for me to be referred to an endocrinologist because he can only give me T4.

Can anyone give me advise for my appointment with the endocrinologist? I went to my GP with my symptoms but he wasn't too concerned. I had blood tests for Vit B12 deficiency and it came back 398ng-L (range 187-883). My GP won't treat this, it's not low enough and he won't treat until it is below the minimum level on the range even though I am at risk due to having only half a Thyroid and I take Metformin, for diabetes, that causes Vit B12 deficiency.

Any advise would very much appreciated.

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Hi ThyroidThora, love the name!

I don't know a great lot but most of you results are like mine, but your TSH is higher, I only know that I feel like hell on a lower TSH than yours, which makes me feel that there is little wonder you feel the way you do. My doctor wont help with my levels either,but you surely have more of a reason to get help now. It's crazy how they sit back and do so little when we are so obviously suffering :-(

Someone with much more knowledge than me will probably come along and give you better advice as I am a novice.

Just keep pushing, and let them know you are knowleadgeable and make it hard for them to fob you off should they try.

I hope you get some help with the endocrinologist x


Well I take vit B12 supplements as well as calcium with vitD, don't wait for them go for it. Just take the recomended daily dose, get mine at supermarket. I also take omega-3 fish oils. I don't know much about diabetes and whether these are ok with that.


Hi Femme1 and Joprince,

Thanks for your replies. I was thinking of taking supplements but my endo surgeon advised against too much calcium. I was told the day after my operation that my calcium levels were below normal and I had to drink a couple of pints of milk for a few days. I don't normally drink dairy milk because of the milk sugars affecting my diabetes plus I am lactose intolerant (not medically diagnosed) but I bloat up and have digestion problems after drinking it since I had my daughter 21 years ago.

Since my operation I have had pins and needles/tingles in my fingers and feet and was told it was due to my low calcium levels. So, instead of loads of milk, I make a breakfast with organic full fat probiotic yogurt (no added sugars), a few summer berries, ground almonds and omega 3 seed mix. I do bloat up a bit but I take the yogurt for the probiotics to aid my digestion. I now get bad constipation since my operation and this breakfast seems to help.

Once again, many thanks for your replies. It feels better when you know that other people want to help.


If you supplement with Vitamin B12, it should be methylcobalamin as that is the best.

Amazon have a variety of prices and doses. You cannot overdose on B12 as excess is excreted and this is a link re B12 deficiency.


Thank you, it's been very helpful and at least I know which to get now.


The levels for minimum B12 in Japan for the elderly is apparently DOUBLE the level in the UK. [500]

Why is this? Can nobody in the Health Dept get a grip on this or are they all worried by insurance liablities and big Pharma, yet again..

I don't believe it is corruption- but a mindset problem in the Health [illness] service like with T3 conversion etc.

My Folate is over the Max- but no one seems to know that this can indicate underusage of B12 -which in itself is hardly high at 295ng/l, when measured at my request last year.

Yes- I'm over 65 too !

[Good clip above , btw]


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