inf reg adrenal saliva test

hi i need some advice on what meds or vitamins i need to avoid when doing the saliva test for my adrenals.

my daily meds are....



vit c


avemys nasel spray (steroid)

loritadene (antihystemine).

if i have to stop using any of the meds how long before the start of the test do i stop.

any advice would be great thanks.

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  • I don't know the answer to your question but I dropped in to comment on your avatar. Is that a shettie? I lost my gorgeous little black and white one last year and I still miss her like crazy. She was SUCH a character.

    I will comment on what I intend to do when I get an adrenal retest. I had the initial one done last Christmas when I was on nothing but the starting dose of thyroxine. I'm going to order another one soon to see if there is any obvious difference now I'm on NAX.

    I will carry on my supplement/med routine as usual because I want to know what difference it is making and I already have the untreated, baseline test to work from.

    I'm thinking for you too, carry on as normal as you want to know what your usual levels are on a day to day basis.

    I'm sure someone with more experience will also comment.

  • thanks for replying,aww sorry to hear about your sheti,there lovely ponies i have two,i had five horses before being diagnosed with this horrable disease,sadly had to rehome them to much for me.

    i was doing really well last year on the ndt i felt really well,but had a lot to deal with caring for my dad and now i am back to not feeling good again so iv ordered a adrenal test from geneva see what that is.

  • Are you having the test done privately eg Genova? If so, try calling them and they will advise. Usually, the leaflet that accompanies the test has some detail. From memory, I stopped my NAX, vitamin C and rhodiola rosea 48 hours beforehand. I'm not sure how critical it was to stop the vitamin C - it was just easier for me to do it that way.

  • hi thanks for replying,i have received the test kit yes avoid vit c and the nasel do do the test next week give it time get out my system.thanks

  • thanks

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