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I have done the adrenal saliva test 3 times over 4 years as part of my journey to trying to sort out my thyroid/adrenal issues. I was sharing the test results with someone recently and they suggested that it was unusual that although I had chronically low results on the cortisol, my DHEA results were normal. Any ideas why this should be? (I was not using anything consistently over those 4 years ...... I did try LDN for a while around the time of the first 2 tests, and then had stopped for the last test, and had just started using herbal support).

I haven't redone the test since 2015 (due to costs), but I suspect that things did improve for me last year for a while, until I had a series of severe stresses again. At that point the only support I had in place, apart from the usual vitamins/minerals were herbs from my herbalist. I have had a longish slump over the winter, and now am also using natural progesterone (am well past menopause) as was told that it could help to support my adrenals.

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  • You might find these links helpful :

    I read some bad news yesterday on TPA about the adrenal stress profile test from Genova. Apparently they are making their test match that of the USA parent company. As a result they will no longer be testing DHEA, although they haven't updated their website to say that yet. I don't know if the change has come into effect yet.

  • Thank you Humanbean for the links. They look a bit complicated to understand, but I will take a closer look and try and get my head round it. I don't seem to easily fall into any group represented as far as I can see, as so far (and I haven't tested again this year) I have had chronically low cortisol rather than it rising. I did have a very long period of stress for years and years, so maybe it was high at some time in the past. I can only think that my DHEA is OK due to the things I have put in place to support cortisol over the past 6 or 7 years.

    As for the Genova test.... why would they do that? How does it help people NOT to know about the DHEA result? Seems a bizarre decision. Why don't they test for it in the U.S?

  • As for the Genova test.... why would they do that? How does it help people NOT to know about the DHEA result? Seems a bizarre decision. Why don't they test for it in the U.S?

    I wish I knew the answer, I really do. I imagine the answer would be economic in some form, but I really don't know.

  • It does sound ridiculous. I wonder if they will add it to another test? Other than this I can only think of the more expensive DUTCH test which will allow you to see cortisol, DHEA and hormone levels. What a shame. Thanks for the information humanbean

  • Okay I've been wondering about this ever since I first read your post. The US Genova website has an Adrenocortex Stress Profile which includes DHEA:

    Unless they are changing the US test as well?

    I really hope they won't. Although I've only done it once I really like the Adrenal Stress Profile and I don't want it to change.

  • I don't know anything on this subject other than what I read on a TPA forum post, so I can't really answer any questions on it. Perhaps we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

  • Dr myhill's website gives interpretation of adrenal saliva test results

  • Thank you Steenygirl. Actually I did have my last cortisol test done by Dr Myhill in 2015 and with an interpretation by her. My situation is supposed to mean probably the gland beginning to recover after a long rest according to her notes. Trouble is that recovery period is going on a very long time!

    I did take Pregnenolone for a while at her suggestion but didn't get on terribly well with it. I am now trying progesterone plus a tiny bit of hydrocortisone cream while the progesterone kicks in and then will stop the hydrocortisone.

    I suspect that maybe my adrenal glands were beginning to recover a bit last summer, but another period of stress threw it all out of kilter again. So difficult as I cannot extract myself from all stress!

  • well it depends...normal is a wide range...was it low normal.....

  • Hi jacrjacr. I just looked at Dr Myhill's notes, and my DHEA score was mid level, so no, not low normal. The other 2 tests were pretty much the same re DHEA levels.

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