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24hour adrenal saliva test

I have a app with nurse at surgery next week for 12month MOT. i have been suffering with all sorts of problems, taking levothyroxine [150ml] but still have all the problems that a under active thyroid can throw at us. my reading keep coming back as normal. just wondering if any one has had the 24hr adrenal saliva test and was it set up by surgery. at the moment i am cluching for straws. Dave.

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The first thing you should do is get a copy of your blood test results with the ranges (these are important as labs ranges differ and it makes it easier to comment)

Post them for comments. Also ask the surgery for a Free T3 test and it will show if you're low in T3 which is the active hormone. If we don't have sufficient T3 converted from levo we will not feel very well at all. T3 is the active hormone and T4 has to convert to T3.

I hope you've made the earliest appointment and fast and don't take levo until after your test and leave about 24 hours between your last dose of levo.

'Normal' with regards to blood tests doesn't mean the patient is but the doctors appear to think that's what they should be aiming for. In fact we need a low or suppressed TSH (not normal) but we usually feel much better.


Thanks for reply shaws. I feel that Drs etc are not clued up on these problems, I have also been on long term steroids for Polymyalgia Rheumatca which i believe can effect the adrenals. One feels as if one is just not being listened to.I have learnt to try to get my point across but the Drs still think they no best. i will do my best to get some sort good feed back from the Sister next week. Thanks again. going back to try and get my head around watching Rugby on TV. Dave


Some of us cannot convert T4 to sufficient T3 and that's where the problem can begin particularly if our dose of T4 is too low.

I hope she will listen to you but they probably know no more than you and me.


Hello dave,

Thyroid hormone requires sufficient levels of cortisol for T4 - T3 conversion to take place. It also requires optimal levels of all nutrients and iron.

Have you recently had your Vit D, Vit B12, folate and ferritin tested...? . ?...

Post results with ranges for members to comment.

The cortisol test offered by doctors is a 9am blood test that measures both free and bound cortisol in the blood at the moment the blood is drawn. ... not very informative.

The 24 hour saliva stress test offered by Genova Diagnostics ( details in link below) involves four saliva samples taken at intervals over a 24 hour period and gives a much more comprehensive result measuring only the active cortisol that is usable in the body. Unfortunately this test is not recognised by many doctors but members will help you interpret the results. This test also measures your DHEA which should be keep in line with the cortisol level.


Cost: £79.00

Order Code: END01

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Thanks Flower.I have bookmarked info if no joy with Drs. i will try Genova, the reason i am thinking Adrenals i have been on Levo for a good few years with no major problems, things went hay wire while on prednisolone [steroid] I am now on iron tablets, having had camara top&bottom results negative, anemia & thyroid both pop up when looking at info on adrenals. Thanks Again for info.Dave

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.. England a forgone conclusion Dave.... shame it won't lead anywhere.. ! ! l ...

....Too little (much) . too late..! ! // .. 🎵.. Swing low ...Sweet Chariot.. !! 🎵...

..... ...... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

.. ... ......... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Have you looked into nutrition..?.? .. Thyroid hormone relies heavily on optimal levels of Vit D, Vit B12, ferritin and folate. .. et al.. to synthesis in the body.

The following link targets kids but is obviously applicable to all... just larger ratios .. & evidencing the effects...

Ensure to take iron tablets 4 hours away from levo. Taking iron with Vit C will enhance absorbtion.



Afraid i had been reduced to watching scotland a cracking game though. I had a full blood test two months ago. the only thing that seems to have been picked up on is the anemia, iron tablets.i will make some notes to take with me. I may well go for the Genova test. just thinking how sad saterday night & i am about to www.aboutkidshealth. by the way i have tried gluten free, meat free, taste free.thank you for info.take care. Dave.


lol... we are all desperate Dave .... anything goes.... as long as it works. ! !!

Good luck



Sorry.. link doesn't appear to now work...

try this one ..



Jo xx


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