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I,ve been treated twice for low ferritin, the first blood test it was 9 and well under the lower range, now it is 14, still under despite being treated with prescribed iron. I am on a massive dose of ezomeprazole for the reflux with my scleroderma, and have been for years. (80mgs daily plus ranitidine) I will have to take this life long. Last time i had an endoscopy i had chronic candida down my oesophagus, and i had to have an HIV test. I am pretty sure that the meds i am taking by inhibiting acid production, means i am not absorbing some vitamins properly. I am also being treated for Vit D deficiency which is gradually coming up, although surprisingly despite being a vegan and having gastric parietal antibody for pernicious anaemia, my B12 is absolutely top end of the range :). Can anybody advise on the low ferritin? My GP says its my age (heavy periods) but i,m not convinced. Thanks in advance

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  • well i got my up through supplements for some months. In the end though i started eating meat again. Steak for breakfast! That should have it up well in range now :0)

  • Inkedup, do you take vit C with the iron? That does wonders for absorbtion. Do you take it with food? Because there are some foods - such as spinach - that are anit-iron and inhibit absorbtion.

    Hugs, Grey

  • Hi It often takes 6 months for ferrintin/ iron to improve, then re test and often bigger increase in it needed.

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  • In stubborn cases, this can be a long job with little support from the NHS. It has taken me four years so far to get my ferritin up from 18 to 60, so I’m not quite there even now.


  • Hi I have the same problems with low iron it hovers around 11. I also get the same excuses about heavy periods and take an over the counter pill. Plus I already eat a good diet with meat. I take the supplements for a while but when I get tested it makes no difference. So do let me know if you get any help.

  • Take iron with vit c-helps to absorb. Also if you drink too much tea, the tannin can negate the effect of the iron.

  • Yes, i have taken the iron with the Vit C, and meat is an absolute no no as i,m a vegan. Just feeling that what meds help you with, the side effects cause additional probs, not sure how to broach this with the dr, its not their fault either, my GP says without the meds i could get internal bleeding which will make me more anaemic!

  • inked, can you insist on injections under those circumstances. My MIL had to have quite a few injections in a row but the doctor said she now had reserves for future years. She had an ulcer and the portion of her stomach that absorbed iron was lost to the surgery. You sound like you are having a similar problem.

    Nystatin is an antifungal which targets only candida. It's very cheap in the states but ask your GP about it.

  • I have been tested and I'm on Iron tablets for the next two months. Any ideas for coping with the constipation. ? Thanks in advance.

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