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Scottish Parliament

Has anyone been following this story? Very promising for us thyroid sufferers who believe that GP's should start treating the person and not just the numbers. T3 testing should be offered routinely without GP's and Consultants rolling their eyes - they need to keep up with recent research.

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I think most of the members have seen it and watched it take place. Worldwide support groups watched it as well and we could send comments to Scottish Parliament. They got so many as you can imagine that they asked for Thyroiduk and other support groups to produce testimony..

We do hope something comes out of it and can change they way sufferers are medicated.


Link to petition documents and Video


Having problems watching and listening to this link


perhaps you could try typing 'scottish parliament thyroid' straight into 'youtube' ?

or here's an earlier post, I think the video link still works....


Just watched this and thank you for posting x


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