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Thyroid Petition at the Scottish Parliament update

Hi ,

Just wanted to let you know that tomorrow the petition for Effective Thyroid and Adrenal Diagnosis and Testing is being discussed tomorrow at the Scottish Parliament. The papers for tomorrows meeting are on my facebook page here. As Sandra Whyte and Marian Dyer have resigned from the petition, I am the only one taking this forward so tomorrow will be a crucial meeting. The committee will discuss the Scottish Government's refusal to set up a short life working group and whether to take things forward themselves at committee level.

Please come and like my new page for news of the petition. Fingers crossed for tomorrow!

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You are a superstar and we have neighboring posts on here! Of course my post is far more serious than yours. MaryF x

Hi Laladrew, Just want to wish you Good Luck for the meeting tomorrow. Janet.

Thanks both and of course your post is more serious Mary! ;-) I am off for read once I have sustained myself with a vat of coffee and kilo of chocolate. Your adventures take it out of me ;-)

Tomorrow could be the end of the process if the committee see fit to allow the Scottish Government listening excercise to take it's course. I hope not of course, and even if it were, I would fight on behind the scenes as I am doing now. This is too big to let go. I will never forget just how low I was and close to ending my life when I found Thyroid UK. I have so much to thank this organisation for, and the wonderful people on here who were so patient with me. Special nod to the lovely Shaws xx

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Clarebear in reply to

Good luck lala - hope it goes well and thanks so much for sticking with it :)

Hope you ard feeling well - I'm pretty good at the mo :)

Clare xx

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You definitely need strong shoulders to bear the burden on your own facing the Scottish Government plus the BTA guidelines but we are all with you, in spirit if not in presence. Take lots of chocolate for strength and comfort knowing the injustice meted out to so many, best wishes to you.

I am not on facebook so cannot follow the process but will be kept informed.

With very best wishes

Hi Clarebear, good to hear you are doing well! I am too, still on 1 and half grains, sometimes 2 (depending on how busy I am) and feel the best I have in years. Just as well really, the petition is a lot of blood, sweat and tears at times but we have to keep fighting. Today I took down the story of a woman born with no thyroid, it wasn't picked up until she was four months old by which time she had brain damage, partial sight and deafness. A lifetime on Levothyroxine only has compounded this. Such a sad story and not as uncommon as it should be. We have to effect change.

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How terrible that the doctors didn't spot this.

I am on 2.25 grains per day with the odd day at 2.5 grains. Had to reduce from 2.5 grains as was feeling worse.

Keep fighting the good fight :) xx

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Another horrendous story.

Good Luck, I do hope all your tenacity and hard work get some results. x

Good luck tomorrow ...I am with you all the way

Good luck, Lorraine. Fingers and toes crossed and I'll like your FB in a mo'.

Good luck

All the very best for tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you and following the FB page.

All the very best for tomorrow, my fingers are also crossed. x

I wish you the best of luck. I am overwhelmed by your tenacity and can only hope that tomorrow brings a good result. Thank you so much. I am Scottish myself and if treatments options improve I am thinking of coming home.

The very best of good health and happiness. XXX

Good Luck!!

Lola, you go girl! Same here....I admire your grit and determination in spite of all you struggles. I am with you all he way and watching events with fingers crossed.

It takes someone special like you to lead the way. I will read facebook but don't know how to use it privately without others knowing what I am doing,


Go girl, I wish you the best, I'm sure you will do well , looking forward to hearing the outcome.

Regards. X

Can I ask please why has Sandra and Marian resigned? I'm not up to date with information.

Shame as they were amazing as well as your kind self. X

Goodluck....go girl!

Liked, but forgot to wish you luck tomorrow Lala, don't let them file us away :D

Best Wishes for an intelligent and forward-thinking response by the Committee.

You and Sandra and Marian will have changed things already more than you can know at present.

Good luck for tomorrow we need people with your tenacity,so glad that you have the energy and determination to make a stand for us all thyroid sufferes

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