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Scottish Parliament Petition Tuesday 5th February 2013

Well done Sandra and Lorraine! Your introduction and answers to the questions from the SMP's were well reasoned and accurate and we could see that the ministers were very interested and, I think, shocked at what is going on.

Thyroid UK looks forward to hearing from the Scottish Parliament on this debate and giving them as much help and information as they need to take this forward.

This is a big step forward and we are all very grateful for all the work that Sandra, Lorraine and Marion have done to bring this to the Scottish Parliament. I think perhaps we may get much further than we have done with our own Parliament!

For information about the petition:

Thank you girls! :-)

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Fantastic news, thanks for the update Lyn :)


I'm a bit behind on things here! Is it possible to watch this online after the event? If so, does someone have a link please?


Not sure RA..! :-( xx


Have a look here:

On the main Scottish Parliament TV page it says:

Archive Video

Footage of plenary and committee meetings are available on the site for a month, and will be available within 24 hours of the close of the meeting.

I interpret that as saying by this time tomorrow (6th February 2013) the video of the committee meeting will be available and should be on the first link above. And will be there for a month.


Thanks Rod! :-)



Thank you too Lyn. I know that this reached the Scottish Parliament in no small part as a result of your help and advice to the ladies presenting it.

I hope that you hear from the SMP's soon.

Jane x


That's great news and hope it makes some sit up and take notice.

Thanks to all behind this event.


This is good news, so pleased to hear that the Scottish Parliament are listening and interested. Well done and thank you ladies! :)


Brillant - can't wait to watch the footage :) xxxx


Brilliant! Well done ladies :)


Did you miss Sandra and Lorraine at the Scottish Parliament Public Petitions Committee? You can watch the debate for one month only, here:


thank you for the link. What stars they are!


wow fantastica, go ladies, brilliant bloody brilliant, wish I could send this vidio to hospitols and surgerys. Thanks for all your dedication and commitment.

love to all, we will get there.

Merissa xxx


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