Scottish Parliament Receive Response from Scottish Government

Scottish Parliament Receive Response from Scottish Government

The Scottish Parliament have now received a response from the Scottish Government in regard to whether it will establish a short life working group (SLWG) to examine all of the available clinical evidence on the treatment of patients suffering from thyroid and adrenal disorders.

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Thank you for keeping us updated. I've read the letter they sent but am unclear on one point. What is a Short Life Working Group? I've tried googling it but can't quite find an answer.

Totoro x

If they are going to ask the British Thyroid Association, I can't see any likelihood of getting any joy. It's a bit like asking the defendant in a court case 'Did you do it?' Unless he's pleaded guilty he's not likely to say yes, is he?

Lyn Why why why the British Thyroid Association and The Chief Medical Officer for Endocrinology? Can we in some way get the message to Rachel Dunk (whoever is she?) that her proposed enquiries will be defeating the whole point! We must let this person know that the BTA must not be the only advisor here, it is Vitally important. Why has this message apparently not got across or has it and it has it been ignored? Are we able to (officially) contact this Rachael Dunk person to let her know that the Chief Medical Officer Special Advisor's advice and the British Thyroid Association ARE THE PROBLEM. I want to write to her now but feel that someone in authority on here should (might possibly) do that? Help!!!

I'll see what we can do.....

I do hope that she can be made to understand that they are likely to be utterly biased in what they say, since it is their own guidelines/advice that are being challenged.

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