Scottish TV interviews Scottish Parliament Petitioners and Lyn Mynott

Scottish TV interviews Scottish Parliament Petitioners and Lyn Mynott

Two of the Scottish Parliament petitioners, Lorraine Cleaver and Sandra Whyte, were filmed today by Scottish TV about how ill they were before they were put onto the correct thyroid medications.

These lovely ladies explained exactly how ill they were and the reason for this.

Scottish TV also filmed Lyn Mynott at the ITN studios in London today. Among other things, I told them how doctors aren't doing all the tests available to diagnose thyroid disease and that thyroid medications other than levothyroxine are better for some patients.

I also told them that doctors are not testing for vitamin and mineral deficiencies - 77% of respondents to our poll asking whether their doctor has tested them for vitamin and mineral deficiencies said they were never tested - and that this impacts on thyroid health.

Lorraine and Sandra, along with MSP Elaine Smith, will be filmed again after the Scottish Parliament meeting on Tuesday.

We believe that part of the film will be shown on Friday 23rd May or over the weekend on and the rest on Tuesday 28th May. As soon as I have the timings confirmed, I'll let everyone know.

Hopefully, this filming will raise awareness in regard to the problems of diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disease. Let's hope they don't edit it too much!

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  • Bravo! you wonderful ladies for having the courage to pursue what is the truth and give us hope.

    As Emily Dickinson said "Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops at all."

    Thank you so much from a humble and thankful hypothyroidism T3 medicated adrenal fatigue sufferer.

  • Thanks Lyn - can't wait to see the program - well done :) xx

  • Thank you ladies! Your determination and courage has been phenomenal. xxx

  • keep us posted when aired on STV - well done ladies! :D

    (and thanks for publicising that 77% aren't tested to eliminate deficiencies either).

  • Congratulations to all you Ladies who have worked so hard to make the medical profession and others aware of the dire consequences some have to go through in order to get well.

    I do hope the 'powers that be' don't stick their heads in the sands as they feel their 'knowledge of how to treat a disease' is better than those who do not get well on the current standard treatment' but recover with alternatives.

  • Will those of us the other side of the border be able to down load? or will someone be abble to put onto a CD/DVD to pass round the members?

  • Great work from great women. Hope it reaps positive benefits and solid outcomes. x :-)

  • Thanks for your bravery and all your hard work . I am in awe

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