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UAT and Lactose intolerant

I have had UAT for six and a half years now and been on a lactose free diet for 13yrs?? Roughly so have had soya in my diet for that long. I am reading a lot that soya and thyroid problems don't mix!!! I'm slightly confused and worried that I am causing problems for myself?? Can anyone shed any light on this for me? Thank you for any replys in advance x

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I am UAT and veggie and avoid it, apart from some Temph.

I think there are two schools of thought on the subject though.


Soya in large quantities is not good it is also a common allergen and yes you should stay away from it. Plenty other alternatives and better tasting too. X


I'm vegan and stay away from soya as a rule because of the apparent effect it can have on thyroid function. My thyroid function improved slightly after going vegan and I felt better in myself with more energy.

There are plenty of other alternative plant milks, nut butters, etc out there that offer more health benefits and taste nicer than soya.

I Googled soya and thyroid and it came up with a few good articles and studies. Good luck.x


Thank you all for replies, going look into it. If it's going to make me feel better then it a plus!! Cheers everyone xx


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