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I was diagnosed with a uat 6 months ago , so a newbie , I'm on 75mg a day plus loads of painkillers as I suffer acute back pain , also had hysterectomy 10 years ago so on hrt. My excess weight is causing so much pain ! I took out life insurance last year , but has to be active for 2 years, I've 11months to suffer . I've had enough . I also have heart problems, each time I see my gp , I tell her I'm trying to lose weight to aid my pain . Nothing ! I joined a gym , gentle exercise & swimming, nothing ! I give up .

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Do you have any test results with ranges you could share ? Do you know what was tested when you were diagnosed ?

Private Home Testing kits are available through Thyroid UK.

Tests required - TSH - FT4 - FT3 & Thyroid anti-bodies TPO & Tg. Also - FERRITIN - FOLATE - B12 - VitD.

I am suspecting low vitamins and minerals and low T3.

The link I have posted will provide so much information about the thyroid. Sadly we have to read and learn as much as possible to take care of ourselves .....

If you are on a phone scroll down to the heading TOPICS - click onto Weightloss - and you read lots of other similar posts 😊

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Kim grace. You are not in a good place with your thoughts. It is not easy. I recently joined weight watchers AGAIN but this time I follow their No Count plan. Amazingly it is wor king. You can join online and use the facebook page ...Weight watchers no count friends. Don't give up on yourself. Try to be positive and say from now on the only way is up. Stay strong


Post your last results on here. My advice would be to try gluten free and casein (in milk) ideally. I'm sure you will start losing weight. I lost over a stone in three weeks when I first started and have kept off since.

You may have Hashimotos Thyroditis so get your thyroid antibodies tested.

Also have you considered adding T3 or switching to NDT (Natural Dessicated Thyroid?) sometimes hypothyroidism can lead to heart problems if not medicated properly. Obviously this depends on what your heart problem is though.

Research leaky gut.

Chris Kresser website is good.

Dr Datis Khazzarian.

Amy Myers, Izabella Wentz.

All have really good info on their sites.

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The latter has a good internet based series which starts on March, 1st and is on every day until 9th. I did post a link to the show but the administrators on this site have hidden my post somewhere that is impossible to find. Type her name and Thyroid Secret into Google and register to watch it. Good luck. There's lot of great advice here.


Hi there cheer up as I see it you have some positive thoughts which is vital in achieving your goal. Please start with achievable goals you must set for yourself and once achieved add to it so don't set goals that are not achievabl. Best wishes


If it's any consolation, losing weight may not help with your back pain. I don't have a weight problem but suffer terribly with my back.


It is likely you're not on the correct dose of thyroid replacement. If you make a new thread with your latest results members will comment.

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I can't lose a pound. You are not alone.


? How does a thyroid problem and being over weight or just back pain w/adverage weight have to do with ones thyroid?

Hang in there your NOT alone - most have been where you are - tomorrow's are challenging but well worth it! Never lose track of a higher power who is ALWAYS there for you! God can and does care! As do many - take care - one day at a time!


I've never been massively overweight, but my indicator that I need to increase my meds was frequently backache.

Being overweight can be a hypo sign and usually under medication is part of the cause. In this instance I don't think God is the answer, but doing research and learning how all the pieces fit together is.

Have a look in the files here, or on the stop the thyroid madness site.


hang on in there mabe now your thyroid is getting some treatment that might help with weight problems i am o 125mglvt and still find it hard to loss weight as it comes off so slowly but does come off u just need to relize it will come off but just takes a bit longer good luck.i also had a hysterectomy 7 years ago but as i have other health issues hrt is not an option i can deal with most of the thyroid the sweating i struggle with as i work in home care and find the sweating enbarrising which doesent help.wish gp would look at records and try understand it harder for us to loss wheight good luck


Kimgrace, weight gain is a clinical symptom of hypothyroidism which should reduce (or you be able to reduce) once your thyroid hormone replacement is at an optimum level. Optimum means your clinical symptoms have gone and you feel well.

I shall give you a list of clinical symptoms and tick yours off. After you have a proper blood test with the results and ranges, you can hand your GP this list and say you want to get well and therefore need a proper dose of thyroid hormones.

Your dose of 75mcg might be too low but until we get your new results back cannot state for sure.

Hysterectomies are given usually due to very heaving bleeding etc - clinical symptom of hypothyroidism. Hysterectomies may be avoided if patient is given optimum of thyroid hormones.

Unfortunately, it would seem that modern doctors have lost their skills in treating people who are hypothyroid and appear to put the blame on the patient instead of looking at their own methods of not giving their patients sufficient hormones.

Tick off your clnical symptoms:

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Its horrible being in pain all the time, I too have issues and especially after a nasty fall I badly injured my elbow, and have had to take painkillers every day for weeks. But regarding losing weight I swear by apples, and drinking low sugar, Ribena lots of it. in fact am going to restart the Ribena and apples, salads and cold meat diet shortly as due to past hysterectomy, breast cancer treatment(13 years ago) and losing half my thyroid, I am overweight. Used to be skinny when young too. Don't give up! Find a diet counseller, I did once and she really helped me by encouraging small plates and small portions and giving me emotional support. When your down you don't realise how many sugary snacks you eat, like bowls of cereals, toast etc.

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I'd suggest first finding out what your sex hormone levels are. It is possible you could be deficient in Estrogen, which can make hypothyroidism far worse, or cause symptoms that mimic hypothyroidism. Or your could have other sex hormones out of balance.

After careful research and doing everything right for over eight months, I finally became aware (by way of a cinching up of the pelvic floor, much like a prolapse except up instead of down!) that I was terribly deficient in estrogen. I had thought of everything else, but hadn't figured my ratios properly and therefore was not taking sufficient estrogen.

There were many hypothyroid symptoms that I couldn't get to go away... sufficient estrogen replacement did the final trick. I feel so much better! It was the last little thing I hadn't got completely right.

Before that, exercise would result in weight gain instead of weight loss. No matter what, it was a struggle to do much of anything and there was a penalty instead of a reward at the end! Calories cut back on tended to exponentially explode into bigger calories and more weight gain. Water retention was terrible. For me, I'm sure it was a combination of many things: vitamins, minerals, and hormones... but also making sure I ate plenty of fat so that my supplements could make full use of it -- and adding carbs that I use to shun. My body was in starvation mode and I wasn't helping it by trying to cut calories, carbs, and fats!

That works if everything else in the body works.

Right now you have imbalances that will impede progress. Be patient, there's a method to this madness. Have faith that you are in the right place.

I'd suggest getting your sex hormones levels and go from there. It's a start.

Don't despair, I promise you will find all the help you need right here at Thyroid UK. Fabulous people with a lot of experience and vast knowledge.

I hope this is of some help to you.

I have no connection with the link below and do not endorse any products sold there. I merely found it a wealth of information with regard to the low-thyroid and low-estrogen connection.


So sorry... I forgot to mention that I have a congenital spine condition and have had debilitating back pain for decades. Then two extensive surgeries helped very much yet I still needed pain medication (opiates). It's a chronic back condition that usually keeps people needing pain meds.

Long story short, even though the surgeries were successful, there was still quite a bit of pain that got in the way of day-to-day living.

However, after getting on adequate thyroid hormone (using NDT and T3), the back pain is essentially gone. Compared to where I had been for the majority of my life, it's very manageable now and I rarely even take OTC pain remedies.

There is hope and I'm very hopeful for you.



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