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Help with my blood results before i had my op

27/07/09 serum TSH level (miu/l) 0.41

10/05/11 serum TSH level (miu/l) 0.48

26/08/11 thyroid peroxidase antibody level (iu/ml) <0.0

26/08/11 serum TSH level (miu/l) 0.47

18/02/13 serum TSH level (miu/l) 0.36 (-)

18/02/13 serum free triiodothyronine level (pmol/L) 4.5

18/02/13 serum free t4 level (pmol/L) 13.5

Any help would be greatly appreciated am totally lol

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Was the blood drawn at more or less the same time on each occasion?



Yes Rod i think they was i only can get morning appointments xx


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