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Is there any 'legitimate' evidence for T3 only treatment?

I've got an appointment with my endo tomorrow, who has promised to discuss all the issues I have written in a letter. However, he did say he can only treat me based on evidence. Depending on the results of my Synacthen test I think T3 only may be my next step but I can't find ANY reliable evidence that I can take to him, so i know he's going to rule it out. Is there any, anywhere??????? Thank you :)

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This is the problem. All drs state that they treat based on evidence based practice. The problem is that the evidence is often presented and sometimes changed to fit the medical establishment and the drug companies that fund and carry out the research. I think that unless you have a very openminded and brave dr who dares to go against his/her colleagues he or she will not accept any evidence/research that we ever present.

Thats my rant for today

I really hope you find something to present and you are probably more likely to get T3 than NDT. I gave my endo a copy of 2012 European Thyroid Association Guidelines. I don't think mine took a blind bit of notice.

Just as an example of how we are lied to by the medical establishment and drug companies watch this film!! It is long but good



Thanks Roslin!

Haha, I think we're all entitled to a rant, with what we have to deal with.

I'll take a look at the film, I already have an idea of how they all work but no doubt this will enlighten me further :(

I guessed as much about the evidence, was just hoping maybe I'd missed something. I already get T3( with my T4), so he's open minded to a point but I'd like to try T3 only, to do this I think I'd need a higher dose and know he won't go for it.

He does seem to want to help (now I've written him a 3 page letter wanting answers and solutions) but I feel I have to back up anything I say.

Guess I'll just see what he's got say. Thanks again, DeniseX x


I don't know if these two archived links will help (the links within may not work):-

and Paul Robinson


Thanks Shaws!

I don't know if my endo will consider this evidence but I can try :)


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