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T3 research? (i.e. T3 only not T3/T4)

Because of the CCG T3 debacle, I am due to see a new endo in a few weeks time. I have already been told that my CCG will not pay for it any more, so I requested going back to the endo I saw originally who approved me to try T3 only for 4 years, monitored by my GP. I did try T3/T4 but really didn't get on well with that, after being T4 only for 17 years.

I cannot see the original endo as he has moved on to .....diabetes research (ha ha I wonder why....) but he has kindly referred me to someone who apparently has been involved in T3 studies (not sure who yet as am waiting for the letter).

I am already rehearsing my words and wondering what line he will take and if the hospital will fund it if the CCG refuse. What I wanted to ask here is how much research has ACTUALLY been done on patients on T3 only? I suspect that it's not a lot. How can I find out? Did John Lowe do actual research on this?

I suspect that he maybe will agree to me being on a mix of T4/T3 at best, but I really don't want to go down that road again. If it's not broke, why fix it?

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Accept his prescription of T3/T4 combo if he offers it and just take T3 only. He will only know you're not taking T4 if you tell him you're nog taking it! Hope you get a new GOOD endo and the prescription you're hoping for. Good luck.

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Yes, it's a possibility, but if I am being monitored at all either by the endo or by my GP then they would soon pick up my odd blood test results.

Also I am not entirely comfortable with the deceit, and it wouldn't be enough T3 for me anyway, so I would have to buy some abroad, and it's best to be taking the same kind, not mix it up.


This is true

But in my opinion

If you weren't converting T4 into T3 then you would have a skewed blood test anyway. Then your endo/doctor would prescribe more T3.

Obviously your conscience is your own choice in this matter.

Good luck with however you choose to proceed.


Thank you for the link eljii. Funnily enough I do have some things re T3 bookmarked and when I checked them out, the study that you have linked to jumped out at me.

I get the impression that there has not been a lot of studies then on T3 only, and wonder if there is any more. The thing is, that if there hasn't been, then the endos have no evidence to back up their criticism of T3 only.


Thank you so much elijii for those links. Very interesting and telling that most research is combined T3/T4 so if the endo comes out with any negative statements I can point that out.


Yes, I had a feeling that was so.... but of course it still means that they cannot quote T3 only as not working as they just don't know! Thank you for that tip also.....


I think that T3 only is recommended for Thyroid Hormone Resistance. You might find some info by researchin that?


Thank you Musicmonkey - I will look into that.


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