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Blood test results


I got my blood test results and GP says they are fine.

TSH 1.94 (0.03 - 4.94)

T4 19.94 (9.0 - 25)

GP didn't have much more to say, except could be menopause causing my symptoms or CFS , as that's what previous GP thought.

My symptoms are constant exhaustion, weight gain, aching all over, stiffness in morning, sometimes feeling faint. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you.

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Hi You need a Free T3 test, if GP will not there are other ways. Try GP first. Impossible to tell without the FT3 result+ range. I have severe Hashimoto, autoimmune. Years ago FT3 was always tested, at that stage, although severe symptoms i was treated. You al so need other tests too, similar symptoms, I have put this in several replies today , see above. If still not good get a referral to an endo of your choice, not GP`s.

Best wishes,


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Thank you very much for your help.


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