Aches and pains...has anyone tried Brazil nuts?h

I had a total thyroidectomy 18 months ago, and have been treated with Levothyroxine only. My joints and muscles have been aching, and it was getting progressively worse. Went to GP to request a T3 test, but was refused...not available on NHS! I was referred to a rheumatologist, and prescribed Amitryptolene to help with joint pain and lack of sleep. I was at the end of my tether...couldn't think straight or concentrate, fuzzy eyes, aching, lethargic. I don't need to go on because I know that you all know what I'm talking about.

I remembered reading somewhere that Brazil nits are good for you, so I bought some and ate 4 on Thursday night, and another 4 on Friday morning. I had my first "proper" nights sleep on Friday night, and was amazed yesterday, that my pain was not chronic!

I couldn't believe the improvement, so I googled "Brazil nut thyroid" and found this:

I had another good nights sleep last night. The brain fog is clearing. I went for a bike ride!! I did some gardening!! I'm still feeling good, and I'm actually looking forward to going to bed tonight.

Has anyone else tried taking selenium? How was it for you?

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Thanks for your post. I does make you think how many vitamins/minerals are essential for good health. It is good too about selenium helping to convert to T4 to T3.

I always eat 4 brazil nuts every day. I'm sure they are doing something good.(By the way you wrote Brazil nits!).

Sorry about the brazil nits! I am just amazed about the conversion of T4 to T3 being aided by selenium. I'm still going to have a private blood test done, because I'm sure that my body wasn't converting the thyroxine to T3, but I will keep eating Brazil nuts in the meantime because I am feeling so much better. I can't tell you how relieved I am.

Thanks for the info- I have just started taking selenium after reading up, but am off to buy brazil nuts tomorrow- someone else wrote about this a few days ago!! I too have awful knee and ankle pain, and get painful wrists too sometimes....hope these work!!!

Another good nights sleep for me. I hope that this provides relief for lots of us!

This is a great post! Before I was diagnosed with low thyroid I CRAVED shrimp so much I would drive miles to get it, I would literally eat it 4-5 times a week for months. Which I now learned it is high in selenium. I don't think it helped me with sleep but I am going to try Brazilian nuts. Thanks again.

'Brazilian' nuts , lol :)

I read about these a few days ago on this forum, and ( finally) found some, and started eating 4 a day about 3 days ago, which is meant to be enough. Before this I had read up on Selenium and had bought some supplements, which costs more and adds to the bag of vits I take daily!

I don't know if it's coincidence or a 'placebo' effect, but I THINK my knees actually ache less! Whatever it is, I'm not complaining!

Sorry, I meant Brazil nuts. For some reason I am always screwing up my posting in this forum and someone never fails to bring it to my attention. In any event I am looking forward to trying this suggestion

Brazil nuts must be cheaper than shrimp too. Good luck. xx

And good news if you're a veggie! :)

Just bought a couple of bags of Brazil nuts and have had four since returning home. What would people say is the recommended daily amount - although I'm sure you can't overdose on nuts, you'll just put on more weight I suppose.

The article says a couple, but I've been eating 4 in the morning and four at night...they're not very big nuts, though!

brazil nuts or is it nits! are also nice covered in chocolate yum

Mmmmmm...less pain and a chocolate hit. What more could we ask for?

Just wanted to point out that T3 testing IS available on the NHS. Your Dr would rather give you Amitriptyline!!! What an idiot!

I am always made to feel like a hypochondriac. They want to treat the symptoms, not the cause. I have an appointment on Friday with a friend of mine who's also a GP. I think he'll help me with tests and finding the best way forward. My own GP said that if sag

He requests a T3 test, the haematology dept will refuse to do it. I just end up going round in circles with them. She won't refer me to an endo until I've taken the Amitriptyline and seen the rheumatologist. She says I have fibromyalgia, but I know I'm not converting T4. They just don't listen.

I started taking selenium after reading about it for Hashimotos and I noticed that I slept better, deeper sleep and feel a little better not as achy

8 Brazil nuts per day seems like a very high dose of selenium?

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