Hypothyroid, aches and pains anyone?

I was diagnosed hypothyroid last year and currently take 75mcg levothyroxine which has recently been upped from 50, does anyone get muscle and joint pain? I get frequent muscle aches all over and feel like an old woman. Every time I get a muscle pain I'm terrified it's something serious, I don't know what to expect with having an under active thyroid as my doctor didn't explain much about it.

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Hi Donna,

Those who have much more experience and knowledge than I will be able to answer you question more fully but yes! I am suffering aches, pains, cramps, stabbing feelings and I gather it's pretty common and could be linked to your vitamin levels.

I was advised to take a variety of supplements by the wise/experienced on this forum. My supplements have arrived in the post today so I'm looking forward to reporting some improvements.

Have you have your vitamin levels tested? If not, ask your GP to test for Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, ferritin and folate.

You can find out lots more by searching on this site... I've learnt so much so fast here!

Wishing you improvements soon


Hi thanks for your reply, I had a vitamin test done which showed I was deficient in vitamin D which iv been taking for months which hasn't really helped much, I'm also taking the supplement feroglobin which has folate and b vitamins in, I'm at my wits end sometimes, trying to figure out what's what! I get occasional tiredness but not all the time, its these muscle spasms and aches I'm fed up with!

What dose Vitamin D are you taking?

10mg or mcg per day its got calcium in with it as well. Iv heard magnesium is excellent for muscle pain, quite expensive when iv looked for it though. X

Many many patients find that Levothyroxine and T3 cause intense joint and muscle pain because its synthetic and they tend to be chemically sensitive

Its a well known fact amongst Thyroid patients but Medics try to pretend differently

For my husband


3 granddaughters

only NDT keeps them free of the pain

Hi what is NDT? Iv never heard of it, i totally agree with you about doctors, i don't suppose many of them know an awful lot about hypothyroidism.

Natural desiccated thyroid? Would my GP prescribe this?

Only if your very lucky but its pretty cheap via the web

PM me for details

this may not help but some people don't process vitamin D 'normally' and can be made worse by supplements. There's someone on this site who knows a great deal about this.

I hate taking levothyroxine, I just wish there was something else, iv never felt any better in the last year and had my dosage upped twice.

Doctors wont prescribe NDT will they? I'm fed up of feeling like crap on levo, I'm going to the doctors tomoro and will tell them its not helping.

Donna, while you're there, ask for a print-out of your last blood test results. You may not be on a high enough dose. Post the results on here, and people will be able to advise you. :)

Hi grey goose, who do i ask for a print out of my blood results? Thanks

The doctor. Or the receptionist. Or, if they won't co-operate, the practice manager. But it's your legal right to have copies of your blood tests, so Don't be put off!

I had terrible, deep pain (muscles, joints and - it felt like - even in my bones). Blood tests showed that I was severely deficient in vitamin D, and my prescribed supplements have really eased those problems. I've also have vitamin B12 injections now (my B12 was also low), which have also helped.

Iv been taking vitamin d, calcium, b12, b6 for a couple of weeks but havnt seen any difference yet. I seem to be aching more since my levothyroxine was increased from 50mg to 75mg. Had the increase 4 weeks ago as my levels were raised. If levo helps the thyroid why does it make you feel so bad? I feel like I'm crippled with arthritis or something!!

I ached even more for several weeks when I started taking the vitamin D, I think someone explained it as my body having to adjust to suddenly getting what it so desperately needed. It was very definitely worth it in the end though. I am currently taking 1600iu calcium daily.

When I was first diagnosed hypothyroid, it was only borderline, so is it safe to just stop taking it? And do I really need it if its just making me feel worse? I cant understand why I was given it if it was only borderline in the first place, the only symptoms I had was extreme tiredness!

Like greygoose has said, get a copy of your blood test results. Personally, I don't think you should stop taking your levothyroxine until you know what you are dealing with.

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