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cant work out blood test results ????

i am 42 and have suffered from various symptoms since i was 18.from hairloss,dry itchy skin ,hot burning sensation over body,especially when due on a period.constant tiredness,palpatations,eyelashes falling out.weight gain,headaches and mood swings.lost count of the amount of times i have had hospital and doctors appointments and felt like no one was listening to results always came back as borderline.a few years after my third child i noticed i was producing milk.i got sent to the royal hospital and they said my prolactin levels were mri scan diagnosed a pituitary tumour.i got put on dostinex and have taken them for years.But still having all the symptoms .my thyroid test has always come back as normal.for the first time i asked for a print out of what they checked and dont know if this is normal or not ??? if anyone can help will be appreciated.thanks

serum TSH level value 2.000 range (0.300-5.000 u)

serum free T4 level value 15.2 range (11.0-23.0 u)

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Unfortunately, it looks as if you may have been on a merry-go-round due to the fact that the guidelines say that you have to reach a TSH of 10 before you get treatment.

Once upon a time, people were diagnosed according to their clinical symptoms. This is a doctor who still does so -

Some links

If you are able to have a private consultation email for a list of private doctors. She also has NHS Endos but your GP may not refer you but you could always ask.


If you can manage to go privately you can arrange it yourself without a referral from your GP. I have an appointment next week with a private Endo, just hoping he is more sympathetic than my GP!


Some still require a referral letter. Dr S is one. I hope your Endo will help you get better.


Should they be taking notice of a pituitary hormone (TSH), when you have a pituatory tumour? It doesn't seem to make any sense. Your T4 should be a little higher methinks. Also if you can get them to take your FT3, but this and the FT4 should be above the 50 percent mid ranges. Also if the Pit is messing up your prolactin it is probably not just that hormone. Have they tested ACTH, Growth hormone and others or are they just leaving you to it? Is this normal protocol in pituitary problems I really don't know?

If I were you I would write a letter and ask for it to be stored on your patient notes that you are seemingly just relying on all your hormones getting balanced with a single tablet they prescribed to you which is hardly realistic.

Really hope you get better.




hi,they put me on dostinex which shrunk the tumour but i will have to come off them soon.due to increased thickening of heart valves. am just a bit scared that when i do come off them my symptoms will be even more severe than they are they were previously.i dont know what tests have been done over the years.all they have said is borderline???..i am going to ask gp for my medical records.i have extremely bad circulation and recently been diagnosed with just wondering if it is connected.i dont know? all i know is i have had these symptoms for years and felt as though i havent been listened to .the worst thiing is feeling constantly tired.i wonder where people get their energy from.anyway thanks for answering my question .take care allison xxx


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