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blood test results

Hi all

I’ve had the following blood test results:

Serum TSH level (SIM) 1.49 mlU/LRange: 0.27 – 4.20mlU/L

(which does look like it’s in the normal range).

Anti-TPO Antibodies399 U/mlRange: 0.00 – 150.00 U/ml

Anti-Thyroglobulin Abs302 U/mlRange: 0.00 – 150.00 U/ml

(which is obviously above the normal range).

My doctor told me that the antibodies blood test wouldn’t explain my symptoms (as my TSH was in the normal range) and would only mean that they would keep an eye on me to see if anything changes and if my TSH changes as a result.

Any suggestions or advice on where to go to from here would be very welcome as I’ve been feeling unwell for a long time.


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You have antibodies so that's clear. Your TSH is normal but the big question is; What are your FT4 and FT3 results? They probably didn't test that because you have a normal TSH but those are important, they tell you how much thyroid hormone you've got.


Hi Flower3, no they didn't test FT4 and FT3. And probably are unlikely to.


Oh dear I am feeling cross that yet another Doc does not understand the auto-immune aspect of illness. If you have Anti-bodies you NEED treatment. Your anti-bodies are attacking your thyroid and you need treatment to support the thyroid. You also have symptoms and are feeling unwell - leaving you to suffer is unkind. Why wait until the TSH is out of range ? There is no common sense involved in this situation.

I tested positive for anti-bodies in 2005 - however the TSH - FT4 - FT3 - were all in range - however I started on T4. It's not a smooth ride but at least you can make a start and then begin learning about the journey to wellness.

You also need the FT4 and FT3 tested to see how your thyroid is performing. Also it would be good to test B12 - Ferritin - Folate - Iron - VitD. They all need to be optimal and do not accept normal from your Doc. Try to remember to obtain copies of all your test results so you are able to monitor your own progress back to wellness.

I am not medically qualified - just a fellow sufferer who has learnt from others who know more than me :-)

Taking control of your own health is your best hope :-)

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Hi Marz, thanks for your reply and suggestions. Did you finally get a diagnosis and what exactly is T4?


Yes I was diagnosed on the anti-bodies alone - I live in Crete. T4 is the hormone that your thyroid secretes and converts into T3. T4 is a storage hormone and T3 is the ACTIVE one needed in every cell of your body for good health.

Clutters reply below will give you loads of information..... :-)


Thanks. Much appreciated. Whilst I'm unhappy that I'm not well, I'm at least a little relieved to finally be on the right track, if that makes sense! :-)


You must insist on the full Thyroid Profile for your tests.... TSH - FT4 - FT3 so you know if you are converting the T4 - Levo - into T3. FT3 = Free T3 is one of the most important tests that will inform you as to what is going on !

Glad you are on the right track - click onto my name and have a read of my edited profile - then you will see how long it took me to find the right track :-)


I've had results similar to this and was told pretty much the same thing! Have been doing a bit of research and going to ask for some other things to be tested.


Thanks Ying-yang3. What other tests are you going to ask for?


Hoop_la, Hashimoto's is an autoimmune thyroid disease which causes 90% of hypothyroidism. Your own immune system is attacking your thyroid gland and eventually these attacks will cause the thyroid to completely fail and shrivel. During a Hashi attack the thyroid gland may enlarge and become tender and as thyroid cells are destroyed hormone can be dumped and can make the patient feel hyper and hypo at the same time or in succession.

NHS doesn't treat the underlying cause of the autoimmune disease (Hashimoto's) but treats the resulting low thyroid hormone (hypothyroidism) with Levothyroxine when TSH is above the ref range 5 or FT4 &/or FT3 fall below the ref ranges.

Dr. Toft commented in Pulse Magazine in the link below that in the presence of antibodies even though TSH and FT4 are in normal range treatment with Levothyroxine is pragmatic and can nip in the bud progression of the disease to overt hypothyroidism. If you want a copy of the full article to try and persuade your GP to prescribe a trial of Levothyroxine email

Many people think that all autoimmune disease starts in the gut which is why Hashimoto's patients are often advised to try a gluten-free diet which can help to reduce Hashi flares and antibodies but g-f isn't successful for everyone.

From personal experience I can tell you that your doctor is wrong and your symptoms are due to the elevated antibodies not your low-normal TSH. Although a high dose of Levothyroxine can suppress Hashimoto's antibodies if your FT4 and FT3 are within normal range Levothyroxine will also overstimulate you and make you feel very hyper.

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Thanks Clutter. I will email Louise for the full article as it looks interesting.


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