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Post-hysterectomy IBS

Hi. I'd love to hear from anyone whose problems dated from a hysterectomy. My IBS problems were C-based and infrequent until a hysterectomy ten years ago for a fast-growing fibroid, after which all bowel movements felt as if they were happening in the birth canal. Which I no longer had. Constant discomfort rather than pain was my experience, with a sense of constriction and frequent bloating. All stools resembled chocolate finger biscuits or the occasional very slim Toblerone. I have never been able to work out a food trigger. In the past three years I have also had several scary episodes of what felt like a twisted bowel lasting for many hours with acute pain and sometimes vomiting. I am currently trying Symprove which seems to produce looser but hard to pass results and a vague low level feeling of irritation. In other words it seems to put the I into IBS. 'Irritable' has never felt an accurate description of what I feel. Ring any bells?

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Yes I had a hysterectomy due to cervical cancer and fibroids. My IBS started after that. I had op about 18 years ago..xx


Yes I had a hysterectomy15 months ago, but I have had IBS for about 16 years but I

must admit my IBS has been worse. Have you tried Normacol granules they do help

with your motions as they soften it and make it easier to pass. Unfortunately I get

diarrhoea with mine as well. I have tried gluten free and wheat free in my diet but no different it

is just trial and error. I also have ulcerative colitis which does not help, but do try the

Normacol granules prescribed by your GP. Hope this helps


Have you seen a GI specialist? There is physical therapy for abdominal pain that's very effective. My IBS-C started after preparation for a colonoscopy, but the doctor was able to bring on the pain through vaginal manipulation and discovered the source of the pain is in the hip connection through the abdomen.


Pat, your information is awesome. None of my Drs are getting this type of connection. Have you got ANY more details/ information? Would be much appreciated. Thanks:-)


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