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Ibs problem

I never new what ibs was till my doctor said I had it , I have suffered for years with it but no told me what it was or what caused it I go most times 1 or 2 times a month 3 times if am lucky an now am on senakot molaxole and mebeverine I've bin on it for 2 months it started working an stop u drink lots of water take long walks eat salads I've changed my life style but nothing seems to be working I'm stressed depress am tired I feel sick all the time no energy an it cause ing other problems now heavy discharge abdominal pain and problems to pee am so fedup

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i'm sorry to hear that you're suffering that much ..since you mentioned severe constipation ..i suggest testing your thyroid hormone ..if it is low it can cause all the problems you have mentioned ..have you done complete blood count to check for Anemia ??

low vitamine B12 also can cause such problems .

is your menstrual period regular ? sometimes an imbalance in female hormones (progesterone /oestrogen) can be hidden triggers.

IBS is a very complex condition..it should be treated from different angles and different specialists are usually involved.

hope your issues are cleared soon and good luck 🌹


I've done the thyrode test twice it's normal I don't know what else's to do but I will put some of your suggestions to my doctor to see he thinks is the best step thanks


That sounds awful. Very sorry for you.

I'm a little surprised your doctor prescribed mebevarine as a side-effect of that is constipation. Were you also experiencing any pain?

Two questions: what sort of diet do you eat? And have you thought about seeing a counsellor or therapist? Sometimes IBS can be triggered by certain events in our lives and, even if that isn't the case, the anxiety and depression IBS can cause can trigger the symptoms or make them worse.


I eat lots of fresh fruits and fresh salads fish chicken once in a wile very little to no rice my cereal is bran flacks i excise I drink a lot of water cause I experience very dry mouth not sure if that has anything to do with it but am full of liquid I didn't know the side effect of the tables is constipation hmmm what should I do then


For your diet I'd definitely recommend you see a dietician. It doesn't seem like you get enough carbs and I wonder whether you might be eating too much fibre, or the wrong type of fibre.

As for mebeverine, that definitely shouldn't be taken if you have severe constipation - medicines.org.uk/emc/medici... Can't imagine it would do any harm if you stopped taking them immediately while waiting for another appointment with your doc.

I also echo Pat1's comments about an x-ray and proctogram. The x-ray will show if you have any signs of obstruction or faecal impaction, and the proctogram - to put it crudely - tests how much you can push. If that does appear to be the problem, there are devices you can buy to help strengthen the relevant muscles and make it easier to go.

But finally, I still would recommend also seeing a counsellor or therapist. This story - thesensitivegut.com/2015/10... - although just one case shows that IBS can have clear psychological causes and there's no harm in exploring that either.


Go and see s good colonic hydrotherapist. Colonics started me on my road to wellness.


You should be referred to a gastroentologist, so they can carry out further tests. I have had similar problems, and it turns out my problem is not just Ibs but a functional problem. I had X-rays and a proctor am. Read it up on the Internet. One thing that has helped me is magnesium citrate or oxide about 800 to 1000mg every night before bed in an empty stomach with lots of water. You must try it. Even my doctor recommended it. No cramps just relief. If I don't take it I don't go.

By the way I too am healthy. Go to the gym regularly, eat lots of fruit and veg and low starch. Good luck.



By the way the procedure was meant to say Proctogram.


Definitely go back to your doctor or see another doctor and tell him your new symptoms of heavy discharge and problems peeing as it could be something else causing it.


You will be fine. I had all the same feelings as you when I was first diagnosed.

I'm a nutritionist, writer and chef. All tummy friendly.

No gluten no eggs no dairy. No deep fried foods. No refind sugars. Seems to help!

Find out what triggers you then I can make a plan for you if you would like.

Try to incorporate gut friendly foods to heal yourself inside out



I would really appricate your help but even I can't figure out what the triggers it if I want to go an can't go immediately then problems some times if I drink 1 cartoon of milk I go to the wash room just for that day alone after that back to not going


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