does anyone else get groin pain with ibs also leg pain

have had ibs for ages now and its getting worse, my flare ups are getting worse and more frequent, lifting and bending is a nightmare and often sets it off, im starting the fodmap diet next week, so im hoping its going to help me, have seen specialist today who thinks it may be hormone related,. just feel no matter what i eat or do its flaring up, very fed up,.

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  • yes, I get a lot of pain in my legs, one side or the other, sometimes right into my heel, sciatica, that I always get when I get a big flare up. Good luck with the low fodmap, I'm just starting it myself, without any supervision, to see if there's any improvement

  • hi thanks for answering yes it will be intresting to see if sugar is worsening the symptoms not looking forward to giving it up though,.

  • Yes, mine is lower left ab, hip, and tendonitis on inner thigh. Parkinson's also makes it more intense. Going to GI today. Praying for NO MORE PAIN, MOVING FREELY !!!

  • Yes, I had all that.. Have noticed huge improvement since starting myself on FODMAPS. Also abdominal massage helps...check out YouTube for some videos on how to massage for IBS.

  • I also get pain in my foot. and leg pain just before an attack. Can't believe you are getting them too, I thought it was just me and thought it would be crazy to mention it to anyone!! I'm so relieved its not just me, I'm only new on this site andi I have had soo much help and no longer feel so alone. Thank you all for sharing, its so upliting:-)

  • Yes I have also had pain in my groin for years .It is like it just locks and I find it hard to walk. The Dr sent me for a xray but did not see anything .Gave me pills. I have evening find that I am also getting pain in hip this time ,was beginning to think it was all in my mind. Thank you all for putting my mind at rest.

  • I get severe pain in lower right groin. Swelling too. Nothing when I'm in bed or sitting down but a nightmare if I walk long distances.

    Sure its connected to gut and wind issues. Seeing specialist Monday.

  • Hey pissingmeoff...can you sit in the yoga position with crossed legs? I used to be able to very comfortably until just over a year ago when my IBS symptoms got worse..... Until i started FODMAPS and i have more of the sideways movements in my legs and hip coming back. Next week will be getting my results for bone scans etc and I bet they find nothing! Why don't the Drs in different specialities talk to each other???

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