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Anyone else get IBS episodes along with Headache/migraine?

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Anyone else get IBS episodes along with Headache/migraine? Im finding I get this quite often and having the combination is near unbearable! If you do have this what do you do to help yourself? Thanks in advance for reading and any replies would be greatly appreciated! Hope you've all had a good Christmas!

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Hi there

I often get headaches and migraines during a flare up but never put the two together till I read your post. Normally I put a cold flannel on the back of my neck and one on my forehead which helps and just try to rest x

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Hello yes I do an I was reading all about the digestive system some time ago and it basically says when the digestive system not working properly it causes headaches and migraines something to do with the supply of oxygen can't quite remember coz was about a year ago but the 2 do coincide its a nightmare isn't it 😐

I have had these for years. Actually call it a ‘bowel headache’. It persists until my gut settles down again. Usually after going to the loo a few times. Paracetamol takes the edge off it a bit.

Emmy it sounds as if it could be a stress response to what you are experiencing. Please get it checked out to make sure that it is not another issue but try not to stress yourself over it. Hope you have a better year ahead.

Yes I do when I have a flare up, also get pain in my ribs x

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