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Is anyone else convinced that they're suffering from something different to ibs?

Ive been suffering with my stomach all my life, from chronic constipation, to appendicitis, to a bleed in my stomach. For the past 3 years, I've been suffering with chronic stomach pains which have hospitalised me for days, sometimes weeks at a time. Im usually put on morphine etc because the pain is that excruciating. After doing a still sample for the hospital, they said my feacal calprotectin levels were that high, i had crowns disease, it couldn't of been nothing else. Then when admitted to hospital 2 weeks later, my specialist said it wasn't chrins its ins. I frequently have blood in my stools, pains in my stomach and I'm constantly tired/drained. From when I've spoke to other people i know with ins, they said theres is never as bad as mine. I was just wondering what everyone else thinks? Its affecting my life a lot as the pains prevent me from joining in with activities. Im 21 years old and in my final semester of uni, so its beginning to become a massive problem for me. Any advice?

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Please don't give up on getting a proper diagnosis. Keep badgering your GP and consultants. Have they given you any medication to try to help your symptoms? Have you been investigated via camera? (can't remember what you call it). The problem with IBS I understand, once people have it, getting stressed over it can make them worse, so they get more stressed, the symptoms worsen so they get more stressed and so on. Also no two IBS sufferers have exactly the same symptoms or level of pain.

When I first experienced symptoms (after suffering from ongoing bullying by management at work and impossible deadlines), I had two years of complete hell and the pain dropped me to my knees on a lot of occasions and I was off sick from work quite a lot. Because the managers refused to accept it was them that were making me ill, I ended up resigning and finding a new job before I was sacked due to my level of sickness. The new work environment helped a lot, my new boss was aware of why I left my last job and that I had IBS and although I have had a few job changes since then, touch wood, my IBS has never been as bad since. Yes I still suffer from it but it is more manageable for me.

Please keep badgering, I believe nobody should be suffering with unnecessary pain when there is help out there somewhere.


Hi jinger this is when my IBS first started too! Once I got out of that job and into a new one I didn't feel as bad tho I also have to avoid wheat and milk. I'm hoping eventually I'll be able to eat them again and that the IBS will go as quickly as it came. I think stress can be a major part of IBS because of my experience.


do you mean colonoscopy? good idea

also changing to less stressful atmosphere to work and live



Aww you have suffered with your stomach haven't you? and you are so young. I have IBS but I am a lot older, and don't get pain like you do. On HealthUnlocked website, under the title of IBS there is a lot of support on there.

I do hope you feel better soon, and sorry I can't be of much help.

Eunice x


Are you gluten intolerant ? A gluten free diet has completely transformed my life. It's worth a try.


A low FODMAPS diet helped me and probiotics via kefir. Have hope!


I think you need to get your GP to to refer you to the intestinal clinic to rule out coeliacs and chrons. Rule out helicobacter pylori as gastritis can cause ulcerations in the stomach which can later bleed. The tiredness/drained feeling could be due to the blood loss. Stress does not help as this would give you nervous gitters/butterflies straight to your abdomen. Keep a daily food diary and try to eat fewer processed foods.

Get a colonoscopy performed. If you have travelled to any Eastern countries get a stool sample looked at for parasites, although sounds unlikely.

If its apendicitis get it removed before it bursts, straight forward op.

Please let me know how you get on.


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