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Does anyone else who suffers from IBS feel like they suffer from depression?

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I've had ibs a year now and I have felt the last few months have been a struggle, I dont feel like myself anymore, when I go out and socialise I sometimes feel left out, I don't always feel like talking or they do not talk to me. The ibs pain has got worse, im fed up of feeling this pain everytime I eat something and I seem to be worrying about everything. I am only 22 and want to feel like myself again. Has anyone felt like this and how did you pick yourself up again?

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Depression seems to be part and parcel of IBS. It seems to lift miraculously when the IBS eases. I hope a cure can soon be found, people don`t seem to take it seriously as it can make life a misery at times.

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I have beaten my chronic IBS after having it for years - and without meds. You may find something on my blog that can help you move forward:


Hi sorry to hear you feel so bad. Have you tried hypnotherapy, it might help. You can do self hypnosis which is relaxing in itself. Try which is not expensive which going to a practitioner is.

Have you had all the tests prior to diagnosis of IBS through your GP. If so you could try FODMAPS diet which seems to help a lot of people on this site.

I have found hypnotherapy very helpful - it stops me worrying constantly about my IBS and calms my stomach down. Having IBS can in itself be depressing so getting it under control as much as possible makes you feel better about life in general. Someone on this helpful site recommended a medication called Kolanticon which I have been taking for 2 months now, and I find it more beneficial than any of the other numerous treatments I have tried. It's not on any chemists shelves so you have to ask the pharmacist for it, and they should be able to order it in for you. It helps with bloating, wind, and painful spasms. Good luck to you.

Yes I seem to be up and down with my moods constantly yand you are right they don't take it seriously.

I will think about the hypnosis website and the medication thanks.

Thanks for all your support.

You could try breaking the cycle by asking your doctor to put you on a short course of anti-depressants. They should keep you lifted through the worst of the IBS, and while in a more uplifted state you could also try meditation as a means of keeping in the good mind state when you come off the anti-depressants. Worked a treat for me, and now I've come to recognise the early sigs of a downswing which can lead to depression if allowed to go unchecked, so whenever I recognise this state I start on the anti-depressants again, just a very short course that seems to stop it dead (maybe even a placebo effect now, but I don't care as there can now be years now between flare-ups).

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Which antidepressants did you use. Do you have ibs c or d. I didn’t think antidepressants were that easy to come off.

I have been on an antidepressant since being diagnosed. It helps tremendously and probably will not go off. It is low dose and just keeps me from worrying. Good luck.

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Which antidepressants did you have please? We’re there any side effects?

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