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My best friend

Evening all. I have had IBS for a long time now and have just found this group. At the moment my IBS has been bad for three days.I do not get cramps thank god,as the rest of it is bad enough.It is at times like this that you feel so alone .I am so please that I can rely on my best friend,( think some of you may have met him ). Mr Imodium Plus ?. He has been a good friend to me over the years.I feel that I may be takeing him for granted ,and on day he may not be able to help me live my life. For now he is keeping me going.( no pun intended )'

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Hi there. Mine is like yours no pain just diarrhea. go to doc n ask for loperamide hydrochloride it does the same but u get more for ur money. but make sure its def the lop hyd as the lop on its own isn.t as strong. u will be able to take two n then not go for bout two days n i know its not ideal but gives my body a break n alliws me to get some food inside me. try it


Hi I turned my back on dr's and adopted a 100% natural human diet as I would call it. No man made products just what nature intended us to eat. Fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, rice and some meat. I know people have allergies to these foods but have you ever heard of anyone being broccoli intolerant?

IBS is only prevalent in the western diet. Third world countries eating a natural diet don't get IBS. I cook every meal myself which can be testing sometimes but I reep the benefits.

I gave up cow's milk after some research and common sense. It is meant for a baby calf. No other animal on the planet drinks the milk of another species.

Do you really think 'loperamide hydrochloride' is what your body needs? Have you tried the 100% natural diet? Would it hurt for a week? two weeks? By all means check with your dr. What will he say when you say "I'm just gonna cook my own food and eat lots of vegetables, fruits, meat, seeds, rice and nuts"? Can't see him saying STOP! YOU'LL DIE!

I suffered for years before I just saw through all the rubbish and went back to nature. Got my life back, got a girlfrien, playing sport again, life is great. I genuinely feel great and oly have a flair up when I drink alcohol at the occasional gathering.

Back to nature, back to life.


I am broccoli intolerant! I have had complete relief from the FODMAPS diet, and broccoli is one of the no-go foods.


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