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Cracked and bleeding lips and diarrhoea

Hi, a friend of mine's son has had cracked and bleeding lips since early spring and first of all the parents put him on anti histamines as they thought it was an allergic reaction (they did take him to the doctors when this happened). This has been happening now since the spring and the poor lad can hardly eat and he also now has to eat a very bland diet as he is also suffering from diarrhoea. The doctors have said he's either got IBS or Chrons - he went to the hospital today to have and Endoscopy, he's also going to have a Colonoscopy.

I said to my friend that I would put a post on here to see if anyone out there has ever suffered with cracked and bleeding lips - I certainly wouldn't tie this up with IBS. If anyone has heard of this could they please let me know.

Thank you

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Can sometimes be a symptom of b12 deficiency. Ask for blood test to include this but do not self supplement beforehand as it can 'throw' results. Lots of people have stomach related issues because of it too( myself included). But the good thing is at least the drs are trying to find an answer for the lad.


Thank you so much for replying and it's surprising what symptoms we can get with all sorts of ailments. I know that me, like a lot of us on here, suffer with all sorts of different things and we certainly can't eat all the same thing. IBS certainly isn't 'one size fits all'.

Hope all's well with you :)


Hi if I dont look after my lips they get that way since I was a small child; I go through an awfull lot of lip salve. they have been that bad at times that I have got a thin-place with scaring. They have always been very dry and uncomfortable BUT not that bad since cut out cows milk in favour of lactose free by arla.

My friend gets this if she eats strawberries; she went into anaphalactic shock !

Has the gp given him something to put on his lips ?

The health profeshionals will get on top of it eventually; just have to keep seeing them.

Blessings S x


Oh my goodness, can't believe what you have said, my friend said that her son's symptoms started the morning after he had eaten strawberries. Anyway, my friend has been informed by the Consultant today that he thinks her son may have Oral Granulomatosis (OFG) and he will have to avoid anything with benzoate and cinnamon; even soaps/shampoos/toothpastes contain benzoate.

The Consultant is now discussing this with his colleagues to see if they agree. I really hope she finds out exactly what it is, it's been such a worry for her.

Thank you so much for your response, it is appreciated :)


Yes you can get everything on prescription-shempoo-gp gives me Ketoconazole 2%W/W/shampoo-Ketopine. IBS/D affects every part of the body in some people.

My mum could not even wash with soap and water she had to use OILATUM.

My freind who has chrones had a problem with eyelids and they became very scaley and sore like contac dermatitis.

I know that cinamon is a bad one. The very best thing is REST and no stress-just to be kind to onesself

Consultant is truggling to get the crease of my bottom better at mo including oponing to bottom. keeps splitting and bleeding.

I do hope everything turns out well very soon

Love and Blessings to you freind and son XXX


Thank you so much and really appreciate your response (sorry it's taken so long!). I really hope that your problem clears up very soon.

With all the very best for the future and the upcoming festive season xx


Cracked lips, bleeding lips come often with nutritional deficiencies , or fugal issues because of this. Naturally this can happen when eating is a problem. I have serious gastro problems & found that the cracked lips will be helped, also the gums & mucous membranes of the mouth by taking good strength Manuka honey from the health shop. I know that post chemo, lots of people use it for this reason. The poor wee soul desperately needs help, I do so hope the consultant gets back to him as soon as poss! Very best wishes Pixiewixie


Thank you so much for your reply pixiewixie and sorry for taking so long to get back to you (I have been poorly but much better now). Thank you very much for the tip re Manuka honey.

All the very best to you.


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