At the end of my tether

So I've had ibs for over 6 years now and it's progressively got worse taking chicken then caffeine from me, then cream. but in the last year it has spiralled out of control I now have severe nausea and dry heaving due to my ibs and am on anti sickness tablets, can't eat any tomato or tomato based foods, I've cut out dairy since May last year which started to help and started some probiotics too. I was starting to feel a little more like my old self (but with nausea) I'd avoided all the foods/stress/ect. That would normally flare me up and had been SO GOOD then yesterday I flared up really bad for no rhyme or reason and it's the worst it's been since before I cut out dairy! It's just really got me down because I feel like even when I'm being really cautious with food and drink I still flare up really bad and I just don't know what else I can do! I feel like I'm always losing the battle against myself. Sorry for the long post I just needed to vent x

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  • Hi I understand how you feel.Ive had ibs for too many years,now I have gastritis and deuodenitis......a lovely combination!! But like you I have terrible nausea.That started about 4 months ago and it is still with me.Ive a horrible acid taste in mouth constantly I am on anti sickness tablets too ,can't live without them.I have started taking aloe Vera capsules just this week and dgl liquorice tablets, Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for some relief.I wish you well.Please read up on these items ,they might be of some help.🙂

  • Thank you I'll look into those as I'm open to trying anything that might help in any way 😊 It makes me feel a little better that there are people out there that know and understand what I'm going through. Thank you xx

  • You are welcome.Also read up about apple cider vinegar Been told that is very soothing.I'm buying some tomorrow xx

  • I get Accuputure for my nausea. It's helped me.

  • Oh right. Does it hurt because I'm a bit of wimp when it comes to needles lol 😂 thank you xx

  • I've had acupuncture before and it doesn't hurt at all. By the way best of luck as I don't think there is anything worse than nausea; I never used to get it but do now but nothing like you do.

    I really hope you find something that works for you - I take travel sick tablets and they work for me.

  • So, if it's worsening, that is a clear sign that you are doing something wrong... and it is whether related to your diet, lack of exercise, nervous system, rest or all of them... Watch this, practically I healed myself with the help of this guy, had very bad symptoms for a year or so, literally thought I will die... then I changed my lifestyle, got rid of bad habits, went into sports, exercises, healthy diet and in a matter of 3 months, I got completely reborn... ;) don't take any medication, it won't help you, go natural, that is the key... ;) wish you success!

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